Monday, June 13, 2016

Fearmongering - Coming to a Person Near You

I don't think anyone can deny that what happened in Orlando is horrific and a tragedy. We're all thankful that the other attack in LA was stopped before anyone else could be killed.

And if you can deny it, go away. I have no desire to talk to you. There's something wrong with you, on a basic human level.

I don't normally talk about these things when they happen because, honestly, we're surrounded by it in the news all the time. People who are far better informed and closer to the issue talk about it and what I have to say is nothing more than, "Hell, people are f*cked up."

I know one young man who lives in Orlando, and who is gay. He's safe, thankfully, but the irony is that he just got back from a trip to Europe with his aunt (who I work with) to celebrate him getting his Master's degree. And their entire family was worried about them going to France and having a terror attack happen while they were in Paris. And they come home to this.


People at work are all talking about how they're fairly certain this latest attack has put Trump into the White House. And I'd like to think that people aren't that reactionary and fearful, but I think we all know that's wishful thinking. I know people in my own family who have been getting more and more terrified with every incident and I don't think it would take much to tip them over to the side of whoever they think will keep the 'bad guys' out.

Leaving aside the impossibility of, oh, let's say, building a wall to keep out anyone who scares us (read is different than us), the man who attacked the club in Orlando was an American citizen. What are we going to do? Round up anyone of Middle Eastern descent and put them into camps? We did that in WWII with people of Japanese descent. It worked out really well. /sarcasm

My own mother was telling me last night that this latest attack has her and my dad thinking about getting a gun. I'm not opposed to guns in responsible hands, and everyone in my family has been taught how to shoot, though of course we'll need to take classes to get our certifications up to date. But, and I did ask my mother, what good will that do unless she thinks ISIS is coming to our house.


  1. Yes, it is terrible what happened - and keeps happening in this world! I am not giving into the fearmongering and not allowing it to affect whom I support.

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts!

  2. Trump has quite a bit of time left to alienate people, so I'm not too concerned about that. The type of people who think his ideas are solutions are *probably* mostly already planning to vote for him. I'm a lot more concerned about the everyday fear and hate that comes out of these things. I've seen so much open harassment and assault towards women lately just walking around or riding the bus. I'm afraid for the women I see in hijab who have to be around all these people looking for someone to blame now. And I know that's not new, but these incidents can intensify it. I see a lot of blame on my Facebook feed. A lot of love and reaching across boundaries, too, but still a lot of blame. That tendency to divide people into groups and blame an "other" is way scarier and longer-lasting than Trump.


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