Monday, June 6, 2016

Podcasts Have Eaten My Life But That's Okay

I think I've mentioned before that I've become obsessed with podcasts. I listen to mostly non-fiction, but there's a couple of fictionals in there too.

One of the ones that I listen to is a Bible study done by an Orthodox presvytera and Biblical studies professor, Jeannie Constantineau (also, I just googled her to spell the name right and I'd never seen a picture of her before  - she's adorable, what is my life). Admittedly I only started listening to her podcast because I couldn't find a Catholic Bible study. Orthodoxy is close, in some ways, as we all know, but very different in others. Still, I think I made an excellent choice. She's very easy to listen to and she occasionally goes off on the passionate tangents that I enjoy. And her love of St. John Chrysostom is kind of a beautiful thing.

A while back, the Bible study was still in Genesis and this was actually different podcast episodes, but the same point was brought up. Maybe it's because that's where my brain was already at the moment, but it struck me as something I'd never gotten out of the particular stories before.

They were lessons about the expulsion from the Garden and Cain and Abel. So for the first, we're talking about Genesis 3: 1-24. The relevant part is where God asks Adam and Eve where they are, why they're hiding, etc. Dr. Constantineau points out that God was giving them a chance to confess to what they'd done. It's not as though He didn't know exactly what had happened, all knowing, etc. etc. but that He was giving them the opportunity to confess and ask for forgiveness.

Then, after Cain murders Abel, God comes along and asks him where his brother is. Genesis 4: 1-16. Again, God knows what's happened, but He's giving Cain the chance to come clean, as it were. He'd still have been a murderer, but he'd have been a repentant one, as opposed to one who was sorry and scared because he got caught. Also, did you ever notice that it was a premeditated murder?

I guess I always thought that it was a moment of passion kind of thing, but then I was reading the passage again and no, Cain lured Abel out to the field where they would be alone. Where he might have a chance of not getting caught.

And this has been your random observations from out of nowhere for the evening.

And now, a list of the podcasts that I listen to, because I can!


Alice Isn't Dead
The Black Tapes
The No Sleep Podcast
Welcome to Nightvale (this was my gateway drug)


Catholic Answers Focus
Catholic Answers Live (technically not a podcast as it's the recorded radio show, but I listen to it on my podcast app and therefore I count it. Because I can.)
Crime Writers On... (very fun. This started out as a Serial following podcast, but has branched out)
Finding the Freedom to Live
The Generation Why Podcast
Missing Maura Murray
Orthodoxy and Bioethics
Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy
Paranormal Podcast
Real Ghost Stories Online
SCARED? Real Ghost Stories
Search the Scriptures (above mentioned Bible study)
Smart Podcast, Trashy Books (the podcast of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books website.
Sword and Scale
Task & Purpose Radio
Truth & Justice with Bob Ruff

Wow, I didn't realize the scales were weighted quite so heavily to the non-fiction side of things. Kind of the opposite of my reading habits, actually.


  1. I listen to a lot of podcasts too. Mostly about comics or religion. I like finding more, so thanks for the list! I added the Parnormal Podcast but waiting before adding more because Lore got too spooky for me. I was listening to it a lot a couple of weeks ago and then two episodes in a row were right in my Nope Zone so I deleted it. We'll see if I can handle this one. :)

    1. I admit that Lore has, on occasion, creeped me out too. Especially when I'm listening to it while driving home after the night shift. I try to schedule my podcast listening in a way that won't have me concerned about looking out my windows on the way home. It feels like that might be a flaw in the whole...driving thing.

      Paranormal Podcast, or at least the ones I've listened to, seems to be more talking about paranormal concepts more than telling stories of specific events. There was one about possession that I turned off - not because it was scary but because it was talking about how to get yourself voluntarily possessed by a spirit or a god and I am not down for that.

      I'd advise you to avoid the Black Tapes, btw. Creepy in ways that I enjoy, but again, sometimes not so much in the middle of the night.

    2. Good to know! That sounds more my style. Also, the episode descriptions actually seem *descriptive*. The Lore ones are pretty vague and that was my biggest problem. If I could just skip the ones that are likely to bother me I'd keep listening to the rest. But there's no way to know until he starts talking about it, and then it's too late.

    3. Oh! And I forgot, you listen to Welcome to Nightvale, yes? I think I recall you mentioning that somewhere.

      Anyway, have you tried their new podcast, Alice Isn't Dead? I'm only a couple of episodes in, but it's got the same sort of surrealism going on, possibly not as cuddly friendly however.

    4. I'm behind on it, but I do listen to it and I finally remembered to add Alice Isn't Dead since you listed it here. I've only heard the teaser so far. Seems interesting!

  2. I enjoyed your random observations here about the Genesis passages. Those sound like some good podcasts! Post more about them as time permits. :)


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