Monday, September 8, 2008

Sneak Wasp Attack

So, go into work today, first thing I see is that a little sign my boss had given us had fallen back out of the fake fern I keep it in. I'd been playing with a four year old that had been brought into the office on Friday, and she'd pulled the sign out, and I'd put it back, but it had fallen again over the weekend. I pick it up, slide it back in between the leaves, and feel a sharp stabby pain in my right ring finger. Thinking, What in the h*ll did I stick myself on, there's nothing sharp in there, I pull my hand back, and lo and behold, there's a wasp sticking out of my finger! I scream, and there was a reappearance of my sailor vocabulary as I start slapping the crap out of myself trying to kill the thing. It flew off or fell off, I never found the body, and everyone's just sort of staring at me, asking what's wrong.

A wasp. Attacked me. Out of a plastic fern.

Luckily, I am clearly not allergic, as my hand and finger just swelled and turned red, not other symptoms, and the swelling is going down. But still. Wasp. It's not even like I sit particularly near a door!

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