Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lent - This Is Going To Hurt Me More Than It'll Hurt You

Okay, so, I usually don't tell people what I give up for Lent - it's a private devotion, and announcing it to the world seems to me too much like making sure that everyone can see me on the corner of the street, wailing and gnashing my teeth and rending my garments.

However, since in this case, it kind of effects ya'll, I decided that I really do have to tell you guys.

For Lent, you give up something that you love, or add a devotion. When giving something up, it's supposed to 'hurt'. For instance, I couldn't give up Tootsie Rolls, since I'm allergic to them, and never eat them anyway. In trying to think of what to sacrifice this year, the idea of giving up blogging came up. And I immediately rejected it because, 'but', 'what if', 'but I need to...'. Which is why I went back to the idea. It's really the best thing I can give up this Lent.

Lent begins tomorrow, February 15th and goes through April 3rd. (Yes, for those of you familiar with the Catholic Lent, those dates are 'wrong'. I'm using the Orthodox calendar for Lent. At least, the Orthodox calendar that I have.)

For those days, I will be off the blogs. I won't be posting, I won't be reading, and (obviously) I won't be commenting. (See why I decided you guys needed to know about this one?)

If, for some utterly unfathomable-to-me-at-this-moment reason you feel like you really need to talk to me, or I need to know something, you can email me. I will be checking my emails. My email address is akelios(at) (You know what to do to make that work.)

I'll check the blog one last time tonight, reply to any comments, and then I'm 'off grid'.


  1. I will eagerly await your return. I love your posts! Thanks for letting us know so we wouldn't think you'd died.

    Hope you have lots of good stuff to tell us when you return. I'll miss ya!

  2. This year is the first time I've ever had anyone explain Lent to me so I get it. I'm considering going with my roommate to her Ash Wednesday service, but I'm still undecided about whether I'll actually participate.

    You'll be missed, but that just means lots of people all excited to see you at the end of it. Good job being willing to give it up, I hope the time away is good for you.

    See you in March!

  3. Good luck! You will survive :) Thats the whole point after all, to give up something that would be hard to do.

    see you when you return.

  4. Good for you - I don't think I could do it, I'm too addicted!

    I am planning on giving something up but like you, unsure about sharing it.

    I'll miss your posts... have a good Lent!

  5. Pascha is April 4th, so you get to be "off" until April 3rd. :-) Just so ya know. If you are doing Old Calendar, which I think is the same as New in this case?

    Anyhow, good idea! See ya later and I will email you if/when I put up more snoods.

  6. Susanne,

    That'd be why I mentioned it. :) I knew if I dropped off without a word, people might worry.

  7. Sanil,

    I, of course, say go if you have the chance. Ash Wednesday can be a very beautiful service. :)

    See you in April!

  8. LK,

    Exactly! It's when I didn't want to give it up that I knew it was the right thing to give up.

    See you later!

  9. Sarah,

    I'll miss reading your posts too!

    I say, keep what you give up to yourself, unless you think someone can learn from it, or you need to tell others because it effects them. It's a private devotion, emphasis on the *private*. :)

  10. Anna,

    D'oh! Thanks. Originally I was explaining about Lent and Holy Week, decided it wasn't necessary, and edited the explanation out of the post, but I edited out the wrong date!

    Thanks again, and I'll watch for that email! :)

  11. I am going to tell you, as I think it will enforce it more. I have told 2 ladies at work so they can keep me in check in case I forget and eat some.

    so meat and chocolate given up here.


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