Friday, April 6, 2012

I May Need These Like I Need Oxygen

Lookit the little Hawkeye in the drivers seat!

And Black Widow's in the Quinjet! But where's the Captain America? I may have to purchase a third set.
All I can say is, Toys R Us better have these if I give in to my nerd brain and go there after work, or I'm gonna be pissed.


  1. cool

    "it has come to my attention, that you really are nerdy". said to me by OH. How long have you lived with me and you have only just worked this out...?

    I am currently trying not to buy light saber chop sticks. I feel I need them.

    did you manage to buy them?

  2. *laughs* Yeah, I'd question how he hadn't noticed that long before now...

    I think you need the light saber chopsticks. They sound wonderful and definitely a necessity.

    I actually managed to resist. I'm trying to be good and together these two LEGO sets are over $100. However I'm going to be at that end of town this weekend, so we'll see how my will holds up. :)

  3. I think I may have made a mistake. I saw the whole set of books by laurel k hamillton... I snapped them up in a charity shop as I am about to finish the last of my Kim Harrison witch books.I had a panic that I wouldnt have anything to read. And proudly showed them to one of the ladies at work who told me that they become *rude*. *cough*

    I think I will read them and see. maybe give them back if they become too much smut not enough content...

    have you read them?

    1. RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I cannot...I cannot even begin to describe to you how far and how fast you should run away from those books.

      They start out okay. Not the worlds best written material, but that can be overlooked for the (at the time time originally came out) novelty of having a main female character who wasn't defined by the men in her life. Then Anita starts to actually have sex. And she becomes defined by sex. I'm not even kidding. It ALL becomes about how hot she is, and how every man (even the gay ones!) who see her MUST have sex with her in order to be fulfilled. The books degenerate into badly written porn, wherein every problem can be solved by Anita having sex and pulling a new super power out of her *bleep*.

      Allow me to link you to a post I did on these books at the beginning of last year:

      It adequately describes my feelings toward these books.

      RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

      If you want good books in the same genre as Kim Harrison's *far superior* to LKH books, try Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series, or Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. If you want, I can give more detailed descriptions or other rec's. Just, for the sake of your sanity, DON'T READ LKH!

  4. OMG they are that bad? Heck I might just bag them up tonight and leave them on the door step of the charity shop I bought them from.

    My friend at work knows I am a little on the prude side. Hmm cant believe it. there was a reason the whole set was on the shelf... no one wanted them. *kicks the sofa* Feel very silly now. and there I was so pleased with myself to have got a whole series...

    things really are too good to be true.

    might throw them in the incinerator bin and set light to them. destroy the evidence.

    1. I fully believe that every book has an audience, EXCEPT in the case of LKH. Burn them. For the sake of future generations of humanity, burn them, then dump holy water on the ashes because they might come back. Then scatter the ashes in running water, just to be safe. I don't know the depths of their powers. They have to have some since she keeps making more of them in spite of people telling her how far down the suck-hole she's gone. They're EVIL in their AWFULNESS.

      Not only are they fully pornographic later in the series, which would be too much for you I'm thinking, but they're BAD porn which is what insults me. I've read good porn. I've written good porn. When I can write better porn than a professional, paid author, there is a problem.

      Seriously, Kelley Armstrong writes a much stronger series. There is some sex, yes, but it's not anywhere close to what I would consider pornographic. Kind of one of those...'we kissed, we played strip spell poker, and then it's none of your damn business...'


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