Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Now with 900% more fangirling than you may be used to

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BARTON'S BEEN COMPROMISED, COULSON? Do you mean he's a Skrull? Has his undercover mission been blown? Or has Tony compromised his virtue? These are IMPORTANT things that need to be known!

The Skrull theory could explain why Natasha appears to be trying to kick Clint in this still here from the trailer:

Because otherwise, BAD NATASHA! Do not kick Clint!

Undercover mission being blown is bad, because Hawkeye is so adorbs.


So he needs to be rescued, of course.

And if it's Tony. Well. I can't blame you Clint!

Because the man is like a force of nature.

A delicious, delicious force of nature.


And I have had the realization that I totally should have made Marcone be the undercover identity of Clint in that one fic where Marcone and Phil Coulson are exes. Because it would make perfect sense and then I wouldn't have to tell people that no, just because I made Marcone's real name be Tony I didn't mean TONY.

The Arc Reactor wouldn't survive close proximity to Harry for one thing.

In conclusion:

Natasha is made of all the things that are lovely and awesome.

Clint is adorable and I want to put him in my pocket.

Tony and Harry would have a torrid affair that would last all of maybe ten minutes until the excitement made Harry short out the Arc Reactor. Then Tony would have to be removed in a hurry. Clint, however, has the aim and the badassness to be John Marcone.

And Joss Whedon had best not kill anyone in this movie, OKAY?


  1. Oh, hi, shiny Avengers background!

    I need to catch up on my Marvel movies. The only part I've ever seen Renner play was the one in Angel, and I have difficulty looking at him and not seeing that character. Doesn't help that I know very little about Hawkeye in the first place. But he is kind of adorable.

    that one fic where Marcone and Phil Coulson are exes
    *blinks* That...makes perfect, wonderful sense, actually. And also, where does this fic exist? Can I read it?

    1. All Avengers! All the Time!

      Except for tomorrow, when we have the post that explains why The Usual Suspects is the Best Movie EVER! ...I may be a little caffinated...

      Jeremy Renner is adorable and I could totally put him in my pocket because he's rather short. So he's Perfect! *cough* Watch 'The Town' if you want to see him in a really good 'bad' role, and 'MI: Ghost Protocol' to see him be a nerd-ninja. So far he's only had a small cameo in Thor to introduce the character. However, you *must* have seen all of the Avengers lead ins (except for the Hulk, because it's the Cousin We Don't Talk About) before the movie comes out.

      It does, doesn't it? The fic is here:

      Absolutely true warnings though, the Marcone/Coulson thing is...not a throw away line, but it's something that is touched on though not deeply explored. So if you're going to the fic for that, don't. It's not about that. Also, it's got consensual knife play in it and Marcone being, well, kind of a bad boyfriend because of his Issues Which Do Not Excuse His Behavior.

    2. Thanks! Still reading it, as you probably will already know because I'm leaving a comment there too when I finish it. Also, I mostly asked because I love your writing but apparently forgot to add your lj to my RSS reader so I can read more of it. I'll have to go do that after I finish this, then I won't have to keep asking you for links. :)

      I will definitely check out those movies as soon as I can. I think the only Avengers one I'm missing is Thor, actually. I even watched the Hulk, and hated it until the Avengers tie-in at the end, when I decided it was the best Marvel movie yet just for that. I was all excited about how they were tying everything together and creating this expanded universe of all their movies instead of just making isolated trilogies like some others we won't talk about. Fox.

    3. Some day, I will remember that we have lovely nested comments now!



      Ah, I'm kind of not using the lj as much as I used to, so if you want to track my fics that way, you might want to do it either on the AO3 site (I think you can subscribe to people...) or dreamwidth. Which is

      I'm editing/cleaning up all my fics for AO3 and those announcements go up on DW. I haven't gone back yet and changed the ones on lj.

      Thor seems to be the one *everyone* is missing. I've loaned my copy out a couple of times to get people caught up. And it is kind of important to the Avengers, what with Loki being the villain and all... :)


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