Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unpopular Opinion #93

First, welcome to the All Avengers All the Time Blog. Which is not an unpopular opinion. It's AWESOME SAUCE. We will be bringing you More Avengers Than You Probably Want for the next...month or so. You've been warned!

And now for the opinion:

I don't like that places close for holidays.

I've never liked it. It seems silly to me.

Religious, secular or otherwise holidays. I'm not picky. I just think that places should be open every day of the year. So, in my Very Important Opinion, places should stay open - they can have shorter hours or whatever - and any employees who want to work, can. Because you know there are the people who need the money, or the people who just don't care that it's a holiday, or the people who follow a different religion and so Easter, Christmas, Passover or Eid mean nothing to them.

And yes, I am one of those who puts her money where her mouth is. I volunteer to work holidays since the paper is open every day of the year.


  1. I'm actually a little surprised your background picture hasn't already changed to Avengers. But I'm loving the cliffs and pretty pretty green.

    I often forget that places actually do close on holidays. I was bored one Easter in college and talked all my friends into walking downtown to visit all the shops we were always too busy to see because of homework. I was genuinely surprised to learn that they were all closed, but it was still a nice walk.

    1. Look again...

      I forget it too sometimes. Which is probably why it annoys me so much. I plan to go someplace and then someone says, oh, hey, it's Easter/Christmas/Festivus. And then I'm disappointed and without whatever thing I clearly so desperately needed.

  2. Really there aren't that many places that close often. Well, maybe small businesses and government offices for federal holidays. I see your point because I like things being open when I want to go. Not much worse than needing new library books and it being closed for MLK Day or Good Friday! :-P

    That's the thing about Germany that drives Samer nuts. Not only does everything close for holidays, they are like that on Sundays - nearly EVERYTHING is closed so he can do no shopping if he needs to. And everything closes at 8 even during the week. Can you imagine your grocery stores and dept. stores closing every night at 8? Even the mall? That's one reason we went to Prague on the only Sunday we were in Europe. "Germany is dead on Sunday. I'll reserve tickets to Prague that day." -- Samer before we left for Europe. Ha.

    So it could be worse.

    I remember people saying they visit Jewish museums on Christmas since all the others are closed.

    Enjoy your month of fangirl stuff! I like how you've decorated. :)

    1. Yes. And those are the things that annoy me! :( What if I want to file taxes or something on Christmas day? I am prevented by them being *closed*.

      *sulks unreasonably*

    2. It's the same in Denmark... they are starting to have stores being open on (some) Sunday (usually first of every month), but even then it's still only from 10am-4pm.
      Drives. Me. Crazy.

  3. Actually I find it annoying that places are open on big holidays like Easter or Christmas. They DO NOT only make the people who want to work, work. They make EVERYONE work. I have to work Easter and I'm going to miss my family coming in from out of town. I really don't see why our brunch is from 9am to 4pm. So no, I think places should either close or they should not be allowed to force employees to work and miss their family functions.

    I can't really pull the religion card but I bet that would work to get you out of it since its against the law to prevent religious worship. But it would only get me out for church.

    1. *offers you cake* I know they don't do that, and I'm sorry you have to work Easter and miss your family. As I said, though, in my clearly very important opinion, this is what they *should* do. You know, when I rule the world and all.


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