Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2: Around My Yard

Since it's such a nice day, and my last day of vacation, I decided to take some pictures while I was walking one of the dogs this afternoon.

Maybe I'll make every Friday a picture post. It won't all be so fun...most Fridays I'll be at work. :(

But for today you get pretty yard moments!

Our tiny fig tree. We bought two of them at the same time and they were the same size when we got them. The other tree (not pictured) is about three times the size of this one now! But they both produce figs which a) taste nothing like Fig Newtons and b) are delicious.

Can you spot the Yard Cat? She likes to sleep in the fake well we have up on the cement. It's meant to cover our actual well, but it needs repainted so we have it up there until we get around to it. Yard Cat actually has a little house (our old chicken coop that we brought up and cleaned up for her) but she prefers the well for some reason.

My favorite bloom on my mothers' roses at the moment. Two tiny little twins!

Our vegetable garden. We'll have cucumbers and beans and lettuce and some other things eventually.

Another pretty rose shot. I just like that large one near the front.

Tractor, trying to spelunk into our pond. I'm not sure what he was after down there. There are frogs and some little fish but that's about it.

And this is what happens when you walk around in a Florida yard. Angry, angry red ants. Those suckers are *mean*. But still neat to watch.

These grape-esque plants grow on our fences. I'm not prepared to call them actual grapes, or to eat them though my dad insists that that's what they are and that they're edible. I'm just not plant savy enough to trust it. They're pretty though. These are on our back fence.

Some of our neighbors' horses. The vines you see in the bottom are more of the maybe-grape things on part of our back fence that's blown down. There's a large ditch that runs between our property and the people on the other side of the block. During rainy season it's like having a canal back there.

I have no idea what this is, but it grows along the inside edge of our pond. It's just very pretty!

And then I noticed this single little spot of purple in the middle of all that white! I couldn't get close enough to be sure - the plant literally grows inside the pond and while it's low right now it's very steep so I'm not climbing in there - but I think it's another plant that's growing on the white plant.

This is our Fire Bush. It's shutting down for the winter - usually the flowers are a brighter red. It attracts butterflies when it's in bloom, which is why we planted it in the front yard.

My favorite tree in the yard. It's just this huge old oak. There're actually swings under it but no one sits on them except for the squirrels.


  1. Wow, what a lovely yard! I enjoyed walking around it with you and seeing the interesting sights. Thank you for the tour. :)

    1. :) I really love where we live! :D

      We had one of the neighbors shooting off guns this morning, of course, but out here that's not a big deal.

      *wonders if she should get a pitch fork to pose for her next picture*

  2. Since you are in Florida I was hoping to see pictures of the beach :)
    You have a lovely yard. I especially like the picture of the grapes. It reminded me of Jordan. Also, liked that your neighbors have horses. It looks a nice place you have there.

    1. *laughs* I'll see what I can do for you there. I don't live on the beach but there is one maybe half an hour away from where I live.

      Thank you! I can't take credit for the yard, my father is the gardener of the family. I just do what I'm told re: watering and fertilizing and such. That grape picture came out surprisingly well, didn't it? I think it's my favorite of the day.

      A couple of my neighbors have horses. Some of them also have cows, goats, and chickens. One of them used to have turkeys...but they don't anymore.


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