Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 22: I admit to totally phoning this one in

I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving, personally.

1. It's less about being with our families as it is gorging ourselves on insane amounts of food and then the men passing out in the living room with their pants unbuttoned while the women clean up.

2. It's basically celebrating the time when we showed up, couldn't survive, were helped by the native inhabitants of the land and then turned around and killed a whole bunch of them so we could have our 'promised land'. I find little to celebrate about any of that.

3. All that being said, if you're going to have Turkey Day, there should be turkey. There was no turkey in my household this day. There was ham. :(

So yeah.

But it's over. Now to survive Black Friday - I don't do the whole shopping thing. Except for one time, when I forgot about the Black Friday insanity somehow and went to the mall to pick something up. It took me an hour and it should have taken me 5 minutes. Never again. NEVER. AGAIN. But I do have to work tomorrow. Then, the weekend. Then I'm off on Tuesday for the release of Cold Days. Expect that next Tuesday's post will be me sobbing grossly over this book. You've been warned.

And now, since I complained so much about our Turkey Day ham, I'm in charge of Christmas dinner. And goose and duck have already been vetoed because my family has no souls.

I need recipes for interesting dishes! To the internet!

Though if you guys have any dishes that you love, please feel free to point me to a recipe. :D


  1. Hahah! I thought of you yesterday and wondered how you survived the day. :)

    We had both turkey and ham. What can I say? My dad surprised me. :)

    Oh, I am eager to see what you end up with for Christmas!

    1. Very carefully, Susanne. :) Part of the problem was that I started a new medication yesterday and of course it gave me stomach troubles. :( But it was more or less a good day.

      Ham does not belong on the Turkey Day! *waves her sign around*

  2. What would they like to eat? Apple and brown sugar glazed pork is good (so I hear, I don't like pork) if all they want is piggie lol. Goose sounds pretty fab to me!

    1. Turkey. They want a turkey for Christmas. I told them if they wanted turkey they should have had it on Turkey Day.

      I think goose sounds good too, but I've been out voted.


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