Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Excerpt of Actual Conversation I Had With My Trainer Last Night

Me: ..."for the upkeep of the mosque, like part of the tithe in church goes-"

Her: "Mosque? What's that?"

*internal me*: o.0 Seriously?

Me: "It's like the Muslim church, the building where they go to worship on Friday's and have other events. Anyway-"

Her: "Oh, the gold dome places."

*internal me*: confused puppy head tilt

Me: "Well, yes, mosques tend to have domes as an architectural feature but not all mosques have domes and not all of them are *gold* and not all buildings with domes are mosques."

Her: "There's three of them in town!"

Me: "No, there's only one mosque in town. I've been there, it's right down the road from my office. It's a small community."

Her: "No, I've seen them. Three buildings with gold domes. I've seen the one on your road."

Me: "No, there's only the one. Trust me, I've looked. And it doesn't have a golden dome. The dome is a brassy color, so maybe if the sun hits it right it shines, but it's not gold. Not even a little. The other buildings you're thinking of are probably Catholic or Orthodox churches. They have domes sometimes."

Her: "I think they're mosques. They're the only ones I've ever seen with the domes."

Me: "You're wrong." :p

Luckily my trainer and I have the kind of relationship where I can just tell her that she's wrong good naturedly. Because she is.

Speaking of mosques though, you all should check out this site when you have time to kill:

Islamic Arts and Architecture

I just keep going through it and being kind of in love with the gorgeous architecture.


  1. Do you have churches with gold-ish domes nearby? I've seen a lot more of those, especially Orthodox churches. And I've had friends assume they were mosques because, oh hey, dome, and then ask why there's a cross on top of the dome. *facepalm*

    1. Not really! Even the local Catholic churches around here have more of a bell-tower kind of arrangement on the top and the roofs are definitely not gold in color. So I'm not sure what buildings she's thinking of. There's an Eastern Orthodox church in North Port that has a gold dome roof and an Eastern Catholic church in the same area with a gold dome roof but neither of them are 'nearby' which is how she was talking about these buildings. *shrug* But I don't go trolling through town for churches so there could be some that I just don't know about.

  2. Because on top of the dome or the minaret of mosques there is a crescent some non-Muslims believe that Muslims worship the moon.
    I myself didn't know why there is a crescent on top of the mosque until recently I read that the crescent is directed toward Mecca.

    Anyway, neither the green flag nor the crescent has any value in Islam. And of course the golden dome means nothing :)

    But seriously how come some people still don't know what mosque is?

    It seems your blog background changes according to what book you read or a movie you can't hide your excitement to watch.

    1. I've heard that before. It fits in with the misunderstanding I've seen bandied about that Allah is a 'moon god' that the Muslims worship.

      Oooohhh. I didn't know that either! Hah. I'm going to check our mosques crescent on my way to work tomorrow! I know where the minbar is located (relatively) and I'm going to see if the crescent is pointed the right way!

      Because people aren't paying attention?

      My trainer suggested that I start teaching classes about religion. I explained that I'd get annoyed with someone and yell. And that would not be good.

      :) Yes, my blog background is sometimes themed. Not all the time, but sometimes. When I'm in the midst of fangirling. Like now.

  3. never have I been to a mosque with a dome. Orthodox or Catholic church, yes.

    BTW this would make a hysterical comic. Just saying.

    1. Our local mosque has a dome. So...clearly we're superior. Or something. :)

      BTW this would make a hysterical comic. Just saying.

      Yes, it would. If only I could draw. Or knew an artist. *eyes you*

  4. So what were y'all talking about that lead up to this? I enjoyed it! :)

    1. We'd been talking about how some churches support the priests/pastors entirely and how in others they have jobs to support themselves and their families and then we got onto the tithing thing which led to me talking about the different way it's handled in Judaism vs. Christianity vs. Islam and then that conversation happened.


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