Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Captain America: Winter Soldier concept art

Once again, possible spoilers contained herein.

Though (again) your spoiler free bunker must be very nice if you don't know this stuff. It's not a secret. Really.

Here, have a puppy:

This is a Shiba Inu puppy. The cutest, fluffiest, best kind of dog around. This is the breed that my dog Baby is. Only this is not a picture of Baby. Baby is white and full grown and still the best dog ever, but less cute and more handsome devil of a dog. God I miss having a puppy.


The sequel to Captain America is titled Captain America: Winter Solider.

For anyone who knows anything about Marvel comics canon, we know what this means.

We know who the Winter Soldier is, and we're all chomping at the bit for this. We want it. We've wanted it since Sebastian Stan was cast to play Bucky Barnes.

Because. Well.

Sebastian Stan. Really.

With Chris Evans.

Where's a drooling smiley when you need it...

Yes, this is the only picture I could find of him.

I swear.

O.O <= This is my innocent look.


Winter Soldier.

I know that the MCU has to redesign some of the costumes to make them a little less comic book crazy, but let's look at the Winter Soldier's original costume:

Fairly realistic, not really brightly colored or skin tight spandex or anything like that.

Now let's look at one of the pieces of concept art that's been released for the CA: Winter Soldier film:

What the fuck is that mask? Seriously. What? I just...I don't even know. It looks stupid.

There. I said it.

I understand that the idea is (probably) to make it believable that Steve won't recognize Bucky right away, but you're telling me that this seemed like a good way to do that? Rather than using, I don't know, Bucky's canonical assassin/spy skills to keep Steve from getting a good look until the final show down?

The second bit of art is better, but I can see that he still has that stupid mouth-mask on.

Bionic arm! :D

And yes, the fangirling is going to go on forever.

You've been warned.

One month until IM3.

*throws confetti*


  1. Mmmmmm yes what a lovely combination indeed. And yay Winter Soldier!

    1. *offers you a drool rag*

      They are a wonderful combo. :)

      I'm really pleased that we're getting Winter Soldier, tbh. Now if it would just get here already...

  2. Oh, girl, you amuse me so! :D

    1. :D Where else will you get your nerdy news?

  3. cant wait till IM3, when I was away I saw loads of previews for films and wrote a list. I also cant wait to see the new TV series called Defiance. on 16th april. cool

    1. Every time we go to the movies we rate the previews. We should probably make a list, but it's hard to do in the dark. :)

      I'm going to the midnight showing of IM3 and I'm SO EXCITED already.

      So. Excited.

      Not even going to lie, Iron Man is my favorite of them all. RDJ is just...perfect for the role.

  4. talking about dogs I am desperate for a pet. I would really like a griffon bruxellois, the more it looks like yoda the more I want it. But they are £1200.00 for a puppy. I can get a 2nd hand car for that

    1. Okay, those are some cute doggies!

    2. aren't they?!? they are like an Ewok and Yoda mixed up in a petri dish


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