Saturday, February 1, 2014

Feb. 1 - this is a bad year

Things have been a little crazy around here lately.

My grandmother died on January 12. It was good in that she wasn't truly sick for very long. It was less than a month from her first real symptoms to her death. Every family member and friend that was still able to travel made it down here to see her before she passed.

But, most importantly, I know that she is back with my grandfather again. Which is good because she was never really happy after he died.

Today we had to put one of our cats down, which is always hard. But he had become very ill and the treatment was iffy as to whether it would work and what kind of life he would have with it.


So this blog, aside from not being updated like I planned, is rather depressing. Death and dooooommmmm....


I'm going to do a post every day this month, inshallah.

Today you get a picture and some video.

This is the only tree in our yard that follows the seasons:

A spot of red in a sea of green (and brown). Winter in Florida people. It's special.

And this is our Yard Cat, who seeks to trip me whenever I walk around outside. I think she means it out of love.


  1. Oh my comment was lost! I'm sorry about your cat and your grandmother. But I'm happy she is with your grandfather again - such a sweet thought. I hope your mom is doing well enough.

    I love seeing things around your house. Winter in Florida looks great to me!

    I hope this year gets better for you. Hugs!

    1. Winter in Florida is much nicer than any place where there's snow but it does get kind of blah.

      Mom is doing as well as can be expected, honestly. Right now she's got a lot of practical things to focus on so we'll see how it goes when everything is settled and she has time to think.

  2. Hopefully, the rest of the year is going to be cheerful for you.
    I love your winter. The Midwest is insane this year. Looking forward for a warm weather.
    I noticed you didn't update your blog list. Does this mean you no longer read my blog :(
    My blog is hosted now on, you list shows the old address.
    It seems I am making a free advertisement for my blog :)

    1. Yes, hopefully the rest of this year gets better.

      It is a much nicer winter than our Northern friends get. :D

      Oops! I thought I'd gone through and updated your link when I was cleaning out some other blogs I don't read anymore. But it looks like it didn't happen - or I forgot. That is also possible. But it should be fixed now!

  3. Your Yard Cat reminds me a LOT of the yard cat at my house in Florida. They look a lot alike. (Except ours actually has a name - Tabby) She only comes inside if she decides it's really cold, which isn't often. She catches birds and squirrels and assorted other tree-occupying creatures - this is made particularly impressive by the fact that she has no front claws (she was declawed when we got her, I think).

    1. Yard Cat has a name. It's Yard Cat.

      Okay, truth, her name is Talia. There are two big grey toms that hang out too. The one that's bigger and scarred is Bane. The other one has white under his chin that makes his grey look kind of mask like. He's Bruce.


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