Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And now...we have bats.

In our ceiling at work, I mean. They're doing some wiring in our ceiling, and they've currently gone to lunch and left panels out all over the place.
So we're sitting here, working away, and all of a sudden there's this darting, flying shape moving through the newsroom. Some shouts, 'It's a bird!', we all turn, and it gets close enough I can see it's a bat, so I shout, 'It's a bat!' and the bat then flies over to the copy desk, and then to the other side of the building, ad production.
Copy desk just happens to have a fishing net on a pole, please don't ask, and one of the guys grabs it and we follow the bat. It buzzes all of the display people and then flies into the large conference room. Fishing pole guy follows and we close the door, trapping the bat. He catches the bat, and frees him outside.

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