Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My 'Babies' and Me

Given my reaction to the latest medical issue with my big dog, Baby, should I ever have children I will be the terror of every pediatrician within a hundred mile radius of my home.

My dog has had problems with ear infections. We treated them, and the vet said to keep cleaning his ears out once a week, which I have done. This morning, his ears were clearly bothering him, even though I'd cleaned his ears on Saturday. So I grabbed the cleaning stuff and proceeded to clean them again. Leaving aside the part where his one ear canal was so irritated and swollen that the top of the q-tip got stuck (I did get it out, after much screaming and gnashing of teeth on my part), his ear was still bothering him so much that he managed, in about ten minutes, to scratch himself bloody.

I hung around the house until the vet opened and called, got an appointment, and Baby's got antibiotics and ear treatments, etc. And we'll see the vet again after the culture gets back.

Not the point of the post though. The point is this. I deal with problems with my babies in one way. I fix/clean up what I can, and call the appropriate doctor, getting an appointment as quickly as possible. And then, because I can't stand to see them hurting when I can't just, you know, pull out the thorn, my irritation level with the rest of the world continues to grow exponentially. I actually went to work and warned everyone, up front, that the first person to tick me off was liable to get their head smacked.

So, not sure that this is a good reaction, but there you go. I deal with the problem, but everyone else had better not irritate me while it's still unresolved.

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