Saturday, October 25, 2008

Religion and Voting

Leaving aside who I'm voting for, nationally and locally, I was unaware that the Catholic church requires that you vote. I knew that, if you voted, you had to be informed, and use the guide of the church in some areas (abortion).

Anyway. One of the things that Vic mentioned when talking about voting was that we should vote 'yes' on Amendment 2, here in Florida. Which is a constitutional amendment dealing with the marriage issues, one man, one woman, etc. However, they neglected to mention that this amendment would harm heterosexual couples who are living together but not married. And whether I agree with them living together like that or not, I do understand that sometimes, especially for the elderly, it's for financial reasons that they haven't gotten married. Also, there's the problem I have where the constitution isn't meant for this sort of thing. We have a law on the books against homosexual marriage. That's where it should stay.

I have to admit that I have problems with the Church's stance on homosexuality. I understand it, and I know, in my head, that if the Church is right on everything else, which I believe that it is, that it must be right on this too. I just haven't managed to *believe* that yet. I'm afraid it's going to have to be one of those areas where I simply obey until I believe.

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