Saturday, October 25, 2008

RCIA Day Seven - Tour of the Church

We were supposed to do the tour back when we went over the layout, but the weather was horrendous, so it got put off until later.

The tour was interesting, we got to see a lot of places in the church that we'll never see again.

But here's the important thing:

I go to Mass every Sunday, but, of course, I stay in the pew, because I cannot receive communion yet. We don't have Eucharistic Adoration at my church. Last Tuesday, in the tour, we went into the chapel of the church, which is where the tabernacle is kept. We all genuflected, and then the Dec. G opened the tabernacle to show us how the host was reposed in ciboriums.

When he opened the tabernacle, I felt the air pressure in the room change. It suddenly felt very, very heavy in there, sort of crowded, as though the room were full of people. When the deacon closed the tabernacle the sensation went away. I believe, and am thankful to God for the experience, that God allowed me to *feel* His Presence in the eucharist. It was such a subtle experience, but wonderful. I believe in the Real Presence, but now I've felt it. It was amazing.

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