Sunday, November 30, 2008

RCIA Day 11 & 12

Well, I've been sick and lazy.

Day 11 - Church History. How do you jam 2,000 years or history into an hour and a half? You don't. But we hit the high points, and the low points, and it was interesting. Something that I'm definately going to go into at depth as I get a chance. Interesting: There are 33 Doctors of the Church. Two of them are women. All of the Doctors of the Church are also Saints, of which there are thousands. It is much harder to become a Doctor of the Church than it is to become a Saint. Also interesting: There was a point, in the 1300's where there were 2 and then 3 popes at one time. Only one of which was valid, but it was a kerfuffle.

Day 12 - Sponsor Day. We got introduced to our sponsors and told what to expect on Sunday (today) which was the Rite of Acceptance. My sponsor is a very nice lady who I shall call Babs. She's actually been in the class the whole time, acting as assistant to the teachers.

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