Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rite of Acceptance

Now here's the thing. I am not a people person. I prefer to not be noticed, to sit in the middle of the group, and listen, and learn, and absorb. I do not like to be in front of a group, with everyone staring at me, focused on me. Of course, this is impossible when you're being introduced to the Church in the middle of Mass. There will, by default, be people focussed on you. Given my social issues, knowing about this on Monday, I was just waiting for the panic to set in, for my brain to kick up and go, "I don't want to do this. Abort! Abort!" My brian never kicked in. That was nice.

We were introduced at the 10:45 Mass, which is not the Mass I usually attend. On a nice note, while we were waiting, a woman and her daughter came through, both wearing mantilla. So cute on the little girl! At the Mass I go to, I'm the only one covering, that I've seen, so it was nice seeing someone else.

The Rite went off without any trouble, and well, that's the day so far. All in all, very nice.

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