Saturday, November 15, 2008

RCIA Day 10

Who is Jesus Christ?

1. How does Jesus describe himself in the scriptures?
a. John 4:25-26 - the Messiah
b. John 6:48 - the Bread of Life
c. John 8:12 - Light of the World
d. John 10:14-15 - the Good Shepherd
e. John 11:25 - the resurrection and the life
f. John 14:6 - the way and the truth and the life
g. John 15:5 - the vine

2. Jesus Is - to me, the most important 'is' is 'Word of God'. Everything else falls under that, but the Trinity makes sense, to me, if Jesus is described as the Word of God incarnate.

3. The mission of Jesus on Earth:
a. To reveal the Father to us
b. To bring salvation for mankind:
1. redeem us from our sins
2. establish the new and everlasing covenant
c. to establish the Church on Earth for all generations

There was, clearly, more detail discussed in class, but that's the general outline.

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