Tuesday, December 16, 2008


One thing guaranteed to make me angry? Things going wrong with my car.

So, no sooner do I start thinking about the need to work on my anger than guess what?

My car does a funny thing this morning. It's...not happened again, but still. Urgh.

Coincidence? Or God's and my angels way of helping me get better control? Need patience? God'll put you in situations where you need to practice it. Just a helping little hand. Funny, but I thought that, and then thought, 'okay, thanks, I appreciate it, but, could you try something else, something not the car?' Which would probably be the point. The car's an easy target.

Or, this could all be a giant coincidence. I'm really not one who's comfortable going, 'oh, such and such happened, God did it'. Not sure why, this just makes me uncomfortable.

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