Thursday, December 18, 2008

On to the Catechism

Finished the Compendium, now on the the whole Catechism. Even with this being the only thing I read, I'm doubtful that I'll finish the Catechism before the end of Advent. I'll still read it, after Advent, but it'll be slower going. Of course, who knows, I could just finish the entire thing.


  1. We start back January 8th. We finished the same day as you. I am a cathecist (just learned that word last year,lol.) This year we have 5 Cathecums that will be joining the Faith.!! We meet at my house each Thursday, with the Priest attending. It has been a HUGE blessing, the fellowship and the ever learning of the Catholic Faith. I have just 'returned home' 11 years ago to the Catholic faith. Love your blog and your insights..Blessings dear precious sister...((hugs))

  2. May God be gracious to you as you journey on this spiritual path, and bless you and make His face shine upon you. amen amen amen (Numbers 6)

  3. Hello Angela, welcome to the blog, thanks for stopping in. :)

    We start back on the 5th, and I can't wait. There's about a dozen of us in the class, and I hope that all of us finish the journey home this year.

    If I may speak on behalf of all the catechumens out there, I'd like to thank you and everyone else who volunteers their time and effort for RCIA around the world. You guys are the best!

    I'm glad you enjoy my odd ramblings too. :) ((hugs back))

  4. Amber, your such a sweetie!! I NEVER in my dreams imagined that I would be called to to lead RCIA. This is TOTALLY from God. He amazes me all the time, does the Ephesians 3:20, more than I could have ever asked or imagined!God takes a prodical child, a former 'Saul' who perscuted the Catholic faith, brings her 'home' and transforms her into a "Paul". I LOVE the fellowship with those that come each Thursday. It is such a blessing to see them growing in Christ Jesus, the Church and their faith. I will be adding you to my blog list so I can keep 'tabs' on your
    From another rambler!!

  5. Angela,

    *nods* I understand. I've found that if I just 'go with the flow' and give up what I think I want to God's will for me, I'm winding up in places I never expected, but they're good places. :)

    I'm a fairly shy person in real life, but I'm thinking that I will volunteer to help with RCIA next year, if they need me. It's such an important ministry!

    Oh, I'm flattered you're adding me to your blog roll, but now I feel like I have to be interesting... lol...;)

  6. You crack me up girl!! I've been telling Paula (His Living Sacrifice) about you, and how you are blowing me away!! She even commented on how knowledgable you 'sound' and well you really do write quite eloquently, powerfully and filled with wisdom, and your YOUNG..We are 'old farts' comparted to you, think that would be awesome if you would volunteer next year...It's SO important to 'serve' at the Church. Not just go to Mass, but become involved. We are family...This is something I pray for my Church, for more hearts to be willing to have the fellowship, serve, start different ministries, want to come to our Parish??lol

  7. Ack! Now you're embarrassing me! *blushes* To tell the truth, I'm surprised you think I sound knowledgeable. I usually wind up looking at what I write and knowing that it doesn't convey even half of what I'm trying to say. But thank you anyway. :)

    That's funny, I was actually thinking earlier that I'm getting old. My Baby Sister turns 21 tomorrow.

    Yes, even if RCIA won't have me, I'll *find* something that the church needs me to do. I'm determined to give until it hurts! Whether they like it or not! lol But I've sat on the benches for so many things, and I just feel the church is so much more important, and why would I want to cut myself off, even a little, from that community?

    Achem. I rolled over to your profile. I, ah, don't know how to tell you this, but, ah, you live in Canada. I believe it is cold up there...something about the Great White North? *shivers at the thought* I barely survived a year in Wisconsin, and that was when I was young, and adaptable! Though I suppose I could just wrap up like a human burrito...;)

  8. Well right now we have a few 'drops' of snow left on the ground. I can literally walk outside with no jacket We are close to Niagara Falls New York, or buffalo. Buffalo actually gets TONS more snow than we do...

    It does get cold, but not like Calgary, or the North West Territories. Our Summers are HOT with the


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