Monday, July 27, 2009

My Nerd, Let Me Show You It

Okay, before we get to our previously scheduled nerd post:

Naturally Super and Facing Ghosts

ComicCon Supernatural Vid! Not mine, cause I did not get to attend ComiCon, but, uh, *splorfl* head-explodey! Kripke! You wonderful, wonderful mad bastard! *twitches* It is September now, yes? Yes?

And now...

My Fables statues. Snow White and Bigby and Rose Red and Shere Khan.

Some close ups of Snow & Bigby. You really need to look at this one from all angles, because of the bodies of the wooden soldiers and the details on the base.

Rose Red and Shere Khan. And if you don't know who Rose Red is, you've been raised on Disney-fied fairy tales, and I pity you. :)
And the rest of my humble toy collection. You win internet cookies if you can name the characters. :)


  1. DEADPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can name some of the others, not nearly all, but Deadpool's the important bit. :) Who's that between Green Arrow and Green Lantern? Doesn't look familiar at all, but I guess I've never been as big a DC fan as I am of Marvel.

    LOVE, the Bigby & Snow White statue. I found them online yesterday, but WOW, expensive. Some day. :)

  2. ahahahahaaa

    Seriously, you're my nerd sister.

    Deadpool IS the important bit. You'll note he's got pride of place? Because he *owns* all the other toys. :)

    That's Captain Boomerang II. Not someone I'd expect most people to know. I'm a DC girl from way back. Batman and Robin, baby. Of course Marvel has Wolvie and Deadpool and Cable. *longs for the Deadpool movie* Gimmie!

    Bigby and Snow are gorgeous, aren't they? I know! I got Snow & Bigby for myself as a bday present, and then Rose Red came out at Christmas, so that was a present to myself then. Or was it the other way round...? Whatever. Snow came first, then Red. And I got them through the comic shop we used to have, so I didn't have to pay the retail, but it was still expensive. Which is why they're the only two I've ever bought. :)

  3. Rock on! I LOVE IT ALL. Oh my gosh, Green Arrow and Lantern, so so cute!

    This collection will be worth something someday girlfriend!


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