Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ten Things

Working my way through posts in bits, cause of the wonky net and all.

Susanne tagged me last week, and I just saw it. :)

Ten Things:

1. For several weeks when I was 5/6 years old, I thought I was the reincarnation of Christ. Please don't ask me *how* I came to that conclusion, I don't recall. I just remember that I became disillusioned when a neighbor's cat scratched me, and I thought that the cat wouldn't have done that to God, so. Kid logic, you've gotta love it.

2. My eyesight is terrible. I'm practically blind without my contacts, and the only thing I fear about getting old is actually going blind. I won't be able to read!

3. I have lived in a haunted house and seen ghosts on several other occasions.

4. I came to the conclusion that an atheist who believed in ghosts was insane, which is what started me out, years ago, looking into religion again.

5. I'm living proof that a genius IQ without drive or ambition is simply a bright and *incredibly easily bored* person wreaking havok where ever she feels like it.

6. I've always sort of wanted to be a medical examiner. Think less Bones, more Dr. G. Dead things don't gross me out, and I find them fascinating.

7. I secretly suspect that my grandmother killed my grandfather, at the end. He was dying of cancer, and we were taking care of him at home. There was always someone in the house, the hospice nurse, my mom or uncles, but he just happened to die the first time she was alone with him in the house. It's not something I'll ever say to the family, because God knows I'd just cause hell, and we'll never know for sure. But a part of me thinks it, and I can't unthink it.

8. I once wrote a lit. paper drawing literary comparison between the King Arthur mythos and Batman (comics).

9. I've read thousands of books in my life. I've only failed to finish one. American Psycho by Brent Ellis. I actually threw it across the room. I can deal with horror, but this book was too much. And then, then, the end! Ugh! *gnaws on furniture*

10. I can play the clarinet. It's my only musical skill.

Hmm...tag...uh...Heather...Sanil...Ahavah? If you want. :)


  1. Finally have time to comment!

    That lit paper sounds awesome.

    I've been curious about American Psycho for awhile, but am afraid the squick will be way too much for me, so I haven't picked it up.

    I was a big ghost nerd for awhile and believe my house has a ghost of a 9 (or so) year old girl who looks quite a bit like my sister, which is just a whole new level of freaky. But I saw her walking through the living room once, just looking straight ahead, while I was in the kitchen. I went to see what she was up to, and she was gone. So I went to find my sister, who was wearing totally different clothes, watching TV, and hadn't been near that room. She and my mom think I'm crazy, but I definitely saw someone.

    And I play the clarinet too! I didn't like it, but I kept getting roped back into it somehow, because when someone asks me to join band again I forget I hate it and agree to come to practice.

  2. LOL....I guess I should have TOLD you about the tag...oops!

    I loved reading these. I knew yours would be interesting and quirky like you. I just love how you write things...or express yourself anyway.

    How cute that you thought you were the reincarnation of Christ. :-) Kids!

    I used to play flute, but not in years and years.

    Interesting about your grandma...hmmm.

    Thanks for doing this. I enjoyed it! What kind of work do you do presently? Did you decide to go back to college?

  3. Sanil,

    Yes, the lit paper was awesome. Unfortunately, I can't find it anymore. I think it may have been a victim of the flood.

    Everyone has to make up their own minds, but my advice:

    Don't bother with American Psycho. I *doubt* the movie got as graphic - I don't think they could have played it in the theaters if it did. But I have a strong constitution. I read all sort of violent gross things and watch them too. And this was too much for me.

    I'm still a ghost nerd. :) My grandparents' house was haunted, and I grew up there. It was... interesting. We didn't usually see him, but he talked a lot and moved things while you were watching.

    Hah. I don't play the clarinet much anymore. Every so often I pick it up and remind myself of the fingering. No one asks me to play because no one knows I can play. :)

  4. Susanne,

    No, I read your blog, but I had very limited access to the net for a while, so I was behind. :)

    Kid logic is inescapable! I can only say that it made perfect sense at the time. :)

    The flute is very hard, much harder than the clarinet.

    Yeah, the grandma thing is 'interesting' to say the least. It's...I have no proof, you understand? And I admit that I love my grandfather more than any other human on the planet, and I'm not always particularly dispassionate in regards to him. It's just a *feeling* that I have. A sense of, 'too coincidental'? But it could be. It could be that he was just ready. But in my heart I don't think that was it. *sigh*

    I work for a newspaper, actually. Nothing interesting like being a reporter. I do legal advertising - I deal with lawyers and judges, etc.

    I'm going to go back to school, but I haven't started yet. Trying to get all my ducks in a row, and I need to apply for student loans.

  5. Great post!

    I also love the idea of being a medical examiner, sort of a secret. Dr. G is awesome and remember being really invested in Autopsy with Michael Baden on HBO. Do you have HBO for that show?

    Like Susanne I also played flute. Heather played clarinet and I was so jealous. Why did you choose clarinet.

    I loved your ghost stories! That is awesome that it led you back to religion!

    Trust your instincts Amber! I think you might just be right about your grand-dad's cancer.

    Love you lots.

  6. Yasemin,

    Nope, on HBO anymore, and I never saw this Autopsy show you speak of.

    I just like woodwinds, and it was easy to pick up.

    The ghosts are something I keep to myself in real life. I get enough 'crazy pants' looks anyway. :)


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