Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Turn Coat Post - Dresden Files

Achem. This is a post of fannish squeaking. I don't think any of you read the Dresden Files, so bear with me. :)

Mr. Butcher - Touche. You win. I cried for Morgan. Freaking Morgan. I salute you.

Donald Morgan.

Wizard. Warden. Badass.

"Do you know why I didn't? Why I came to you?"

I shook my head.

"Because I knew," he whispered. He lifted his right hand, and I gripped it hard. "I knew that you knew how it felt to be an innocent man hounded by the Wardens."



  1. Ah, can't wait to read this book. I'm way too far behind on this series, but I love it.

    (But yes, at least one of your readers is a big Dresden Files fan. I love your quotes, btw. Meant to say that the other day but figured I should wait till you posted an entry I had something to say about so it wasn't just "WAH, DRESDEN SQUEE.")

  2. Oh I wish I was familiar. Making plan to get this :) Love you Amber and happy reading. Where are you at in the number of books read this summer now?

  3. Sanil,

    Oh! Now that you say it, I do recall you mentioning you read Butcher.

    How far along in the series are you? Turn Coat is *great*. Of course, I may be irrational about the whole series... :)

    There should be *more* random Dresden squee *everywhere*. Feel free to squee about it at anytime. :)

  4. Lisa,

    Well, I encourage everybody to read Jim Butcher, but you should know that it's fantasy, so there's wizards and zombies and vampires and werewolves, etc. Also, it's currently 11 books (not counting the short stories and novellas) long, and a planned 23 books.

    I'm at 46, which is still 4 books behind.

  5. It's hard to say where I am in the series, because I've skipped around based on what my library and book store had available. But I've read Fool Moon, Blood Rites, Dead Beat, Proven Guilty, White Night, and I am reading Summer Knight now. Just found out the library near the school I'm going to now has all of the books! So I'm going as soon as possible to get a card and start catching up.

    There does need to be more Dresden squee. :) Almost everyone I mention it to has never heard of the series! This is a sad thing and needs to be remedied.

  6. Sanil,'ve been all over the place, haven't you?

    I'd recommend, honestly, start over at the beginning. Read the books in order. While yes, the cases are self contained, there's more going on there. And it builds from moment one.

    Yes, the Dresden squee needs to be spread. I've considered buying paperbacks and passing them out to random people, but I don't know that that's the most effective way to go... :)

    Did you ever see any of the tv series they did for it?

  7. I have noticed the "more going on there" helped that in the first I read (White Night), Dresden was thinking about some of the overarching plot and drawing connections, so I've known to look for them. :) But yeah, I'll be reading from the beginning once I get to the library this week.

    I saw the first four episodes of the TV series, before I'd ever heard of the books. I liked it, but doesn't really even compare now that I've read it. Still fun to watch, though, and I somehow still picture Morgan from the show even though I'm pretty sure he's described completely differently in the books.

    Oh, random. Did you ever watch Angel? If you did, do you remember the blonde detective girl who was on the show for about a season? Does she seem to be almost exactly based on Murphy, or is it just me? :D I don't know anyone else who knows both series, unless you do.

  8. *nods* Excellent. Jim Butcher is some sort of mad genius, but it's only becoming clear as you get further into the books. There're hints and subtle things that get woven in and you hardly notice them until they get pulled back in later.

    Have you seen the other series he does? Codex Alera? It's a much shorter series, only six books, with the sixth coming out later this year. More 'high fantasy' than Dresden, but excellent in it's own right.

    The tv series was fun, and despite the huge changes from the books, I was sad when it didn't get renewed. I *really* wanted them to get around to Marcone. *loves her Gentleman Crime Boss to bits*

    Okay, Morgan - I know! I do it to, and it's bad, because book Morgan is *hugely* different from tv Morgan. For one, book Morgan's white... :) But I still picture him as this big bald black guy at first, and then have to kick my brain...

    Yes, yes, Angel, I watched that, and Buffy. :) And, if anything, Det. Blondie (I can't remember her name and the dvd's are in the closet...) would be a 'base character' for Murphy, since the Dresden Files started publishing several years after Angel came out.

  9. I am going to try Codex Alera after I get caught up on Dresden Files...the library has those too! It is a surprisingly complete collection, my much larger library back home had only one Codex book and 3 or 4 Dresden books...strange. But anyway...I am actually not at all a fan of high fantasy, but I know Butcher prefers it and therefore probably writes it better/with more interest than he writes Dresden. So maybe it'll be better than I expect.

    Oh, Angel was first? I guess I should have realized that. I never watched it when it was originally on, I don't know why. I think that without even giving it a chance I was all "spinoff? *groan*". I used to be oddly snobbish about fandoms. :) So as far as I'm concerned, Angel first aired two years ago, when I first saw a rerun.

    ...By that logic, the first Dresden Files book was published this summer. And I actually have no idea when it was actually published. I should probably check these things out before I talk about them like I know. Ah well.

  10. Sanil,

    I think you'll enjoy Codex Alera. It only qualifies as 'high fantasy' imo, because it's an alternate universe, with magic and monsters, but old school kings and queens, etc., not set in modern times. It's not your typical fare though. :)

    Surprisingly, I think Dresden is written with more care and interest. If only from the length of the series and the amount of forethought that had to go into it for some of the subtle plots that have been laid since the beginning.

    *hand wavey* Fandom reality doesn't work like real reality. It's all relative. :)

    Angel came out in 1999 and Dresden was published in 2000, so my 'several years' is off. See, relative reality. I watched Angel when I was in high school, and started reading Dresden later on, so they seemed like they were separated by more years than they are. :)

    For a spinoff, Angel wasn't bad. Of course, I like David Boreanaz and James Marsters and Christian Kane, so there was really no way to lose, for me. :)


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