Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blogger On Vacation From Life - Leave a Message After the Beep.

Still here. Fandom has eaten my brain. On vacation. I remember when vacation meant I didn't leave the house for a week. Now I go places and stuff. It's less boring!

Also, my trainer is trying to KILL ME! I am sore and achy and oh, hey, TMI, I have gone down an entire cup size and an entire strap size on bras. GO ME!

My mom and sister took me shopping for my birthday. Bought me awesome clothes type things. Staying up too late reading Stephen King and watching scary movies. Aliens, baby. Not like, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH scary, but just so freaking AWESOME. *thinks* Reading a book about exorcists. One I've read before, but it's short and it was interesting so I will read it again.

ps: James Mcavoy is awesome and I loved the new X-Men movie. Now bring on the Green Lantern! And Captain America! GIVE ME MY COMIC NERD CRACK!!!!!!!! Oh. And the last Harry Potter movie. Because MY GOD it looks so good.


  1. Haha, yay. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Comic Nerd crack indeed....oh so many to see!!!!!!

    I still wish they'd make a cloak and dagger movie tho. Or Maximum Carnage (squeal)

  3. Glad you are enjoying your days...except for the killer trainer part! :)

  4. LOL on the killer trainer. That's great, Amber! Good work! ^_^

    I saw the new X-Men film, too. I agree -- comic nerd crack. Have you seen Thor? I heard it was good.

    Also loved the cameo of Storm as a little girl when Xavier tried out Cerebro for the first time.

    I hope the new Batman movie (with Catwoman -- YAY!, but it's Anne Hathway, have my doubts about her having the chops to pull off the role) turns out well. Also saw an article about them delaying the release next year of the next Star Trek movie. I don't wanna wait, but if the film is better for it, then I'll try to be patient. LOL ^_^

  5. LK,

    I've got to admit, with much shame, that I have no idea what 'Maximum Carnage' is.

    Cloak and Dagger would be awesome though.

  6. Heather,

    My god, the X-Men movie has eaten me. It just has. I'm actually going to go see it again. Because I need to!

    I saw Thor, loved it. Fun movie! I'm really, really excited for the Captain America movie in July. *twitches*

    Storm, yes. And did you catch the Cyclops cameo? I was trying to name that mutant. I caught a few, but my X-Men knowledge is fairly limited.

    I worried about the casting too, I mean, Anne Hathaway, really? But I've been told by people who have seen more of her films than I have that she's not just the fluffy bunny actress and that she can pull it off. So I'll give Nolan the benefit of the doubt he's earned. Also, Tom Hardy as Bane, so, you know, that's awesome.

    I saw that too. Wahhhh...but you're right. If it makes it better, I will wait. Maybe not patiently, but I'll do it!


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