Thursday, June 30, 2011

TWO THINGS! Both Dresden Files related, god help us all...

1 - There's a Camp NaNo this year. So...uh...I'm doing that? WTH. Pretty sure it'll be this prompt from the kinkmeme: 'Ever since I read With or Without, I've been obsessing about the following:

"My dreams, every night since I'd seen Thomas were...they were filled with Marcone. And not the old one, the one where Marcone drugged me and locked me up in a tiny cell beneath his mansion until I broke."

I really, really want to read about Marcone drugging Harry and locking him up in a tiny cell beneath his mansion until he broke. Gen is good, Marcone/Harry is better.'

I'd originally thought to split off from canon toward the end of Fool Moon, but someone commented suggesting the end of the train scene in Death Masks. And...I like it. So probably that.

2 - TALK ME OFF THE LEDGE! I'm considering buying my copy of Ghost Story and getting it signed through the Dog Eared Books Virtual Signing. Which would mean that the copy of the book would cost me about $35 instead of $14. Keeping in mind that I'm also buying the book on Kindle for $14 and audiobook for $30. So I don't need it signed, right? Right?


  1. Oh goodness, I am so bad at talking people down. :D, you probably don't need it signed. And if you do...keep tabs on when he's appearing at con-type things and see if he will sign it for you for free?

    Gah, that prompt sounds awesome.

  2. They're not charging for the signing. The cost is the full cost of the book, $27.95 plus shipping, which they charge like...$8 for.

    It does, doesn't it? But I'm torn between that and the sequel to another fic that I wrote for the meme...


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