Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Camp NaNo

Turns out I'm not writing the fill for that prompt I mentioned. Though I'm holding on to that for maybe later.

I decided to do the sequel to another long fill I did called Lost in a Life, where the punishment for breaking the Laws isn't death, but being enslaved by a collar. Harry kills Justin, etc. and winds up eventually being bought by Marcone. The original prompt was for dubcon, but the fill was definitely noncon (in the sense that Harry *couldn't* say no), with mindfuckery, etc. So now I'm writing the sequel to that, where things happen four years after the first one ended and Harry gets part of his control back and John has to deal with that and the fact that stockholm goes both way and then I'm throwing Hendricks in the mix so it's going to wind up as a threesome. *headdesk*

tl:dr - slave au's are awesome and I'm writing more of one


  1. Yay! :D

    Did you write that for the kinkmeme you linked me to awhile back? I remember reading something like that and thinking it sort of reminded me of your work but didn't want to ask since it was anon. :) Good job, if it was.

  2. Everything I write these days is for the meme!

    And...I'm not so much anon on the meme anymore. I gave that up (except for two fics I'm never ever ever admitting I wrote!). So if you're reading it, and it's by 'akelios', that'd be me. :D

  3. Well, I haven't read it since way back when you posted about it here the first time, so I haven't seen any names. :D But I'll have to take another look! Anyway, yay for un-anoning!

  4. Then what you saw wasn't me. Unless it was Legacy, which was on the old meme and started out as anon, but wasn't this prompt. I've written way too much for this meme.

    Anyway, the meme has moved over to dreamwidth.



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