Monday, July 18, 2011

When is discrimination not discrimination? - ranty mcrantypants strikes again edited to be 95% less ranty, and therefore more coherent

In the latest instance of, basically, *headdesk*OMGWTFdotheynothearthemselves? We have 'Presidential hopeful' Herman Cain. Who, apparently, used to run a company that made really bad pizza. I don't know. I'd never even heard of the chain until he appeared on the political scene, but everyone seems to think it's the worst thing to ever be called pizza. That, however, is not the issue. The issue is his recent statement that communities have the right to oppose the construction of mosque's based only on the fact that they are mosques, i.e.: places where Muslims will congregate Muslim. And that that opposition is not, in fact, discrimination.

Take a second and let sink in.

It is *not* discrimination to tell a group of people that they cannot, while following all the zoning laws, etc., build their place of worship. Because they're *them*. Because some people, somewhere, who maybe look a little bit like them and are from the same general group did something bad. And therefore all people who claim that title are bad. Well, maybe not. But better not let them all get together anyway. Just in case. But it's not discrimination! Just remember that! Because everyone knows that all Muslims are terrorists. No, no, it's a true fact.

People used to 'know' a lot of things that weren't true and they used that knowledge to discriminate against the 'other'. Take a few minutes and review history. Pick pretty much any period and you'll find some group being discriminated about, or taking the 'punishment' for the bad behavior of a few members of that group.

So anyway...if it's not discrimination for a community to oppose a mosque just because it's a mosque, then I'm going to start getting support to oppose random religious shit. For the hell of it.

New Baptist church? No. Some of them were mean to me once.

New Mormon meeting hall? No. They're weird and I suspect them of things.

New Scientology whatever? No. Again, weird. And they ruined Tom Cruise.

New Catholic church? Hell no. As a matter of fact, I'm just going to blanket oppose any Christian church whatsoever, because of the long history of Christianity oppressing minorities and women. I'm already feeling more oppressed than I did a second ago! There're too many churches in the area! If more of them are allowed to gather, they might steal all of my books and make me stay at home, pregnant. For the rest of my life. And take away my right to vote, seeing as how I'm property and all...and inferior to my first created husband...

And it's not discrimination. Because they scare me.


  1. woooooooooooooow weeeeeeee Amber. Let me help you down from your soap box. You kind of lost me there.

    Am gonna read the cain thing and then come back.

    But before I do that. I do know that the local super mosque was opposed where I live.

    and the reason was, the "people", planners achitects, thought that the land should be given for free. where as I think the paper said all other religions that are in this town, bought their land themselves. Unfortunately, this town needs schools. THere are 45 children in the classes right in the school opposite my house.and the land is very scarce now due to huuuuuuuugggggeeeeee housing estate and more people... Land for free dont fly here. Kids in schools come first for me everytime. Sorry if people dont like that. But I think 45 kids in one class with one harrassed teacher is too much. how can they learn?

    maybe it is something like that?

    Off to read.

    Await my next comment

  2. slice,

    It's not a soap box so much as it is a soap tower, actually! :)

    See, the example you've given is different. In that case, the mosque (if I understand right) wanted special treatment. They wanted to just be given the property without paying for it because they deserved it for being so awesome or something? Which is stupid. If you want to build a church/temple/mosque, then you do what everyone else has to do. Find the correct property, purchase it, go through all the zoning and building crap, etc.

    Cain is saying that it's not discriminatory for people to oppose the building of a mosque for no other reason than that there will be Muslims in it.

  3. ok am back. lol What is wrong with him? I thought America was the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    that doesnt sound very "free" to me.

  4. He's special. And there're plenty of people who'd like us to only be free in the manner in which they approve. Amongst many other things, they're called bigots. For him, I think he's trying to appeal to the far, far fanatic Right and the people in between who are still frightened. Politics. Gotta love 'em.

  5. Great post! :D I think Cain must have forgotten what it's like to be a black man on the street and people cross to the other side or lock their car doors *just in case* he's one of those thuggish black men that might steal a purse or worse. Blah. Stupid discrimination!

  6. *lol* You should have seen it before. I really did need slice's help getting down from the soap box!


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