Sunday, July 10, 2011

technology GRRRRRRRRRR

My dvr is fucked up and keeps telling me that it's 'lost the signal completely'. Fab. So they're coming tomorrow to figure out what it is. It's either the box or something with the dish. Whatever.


Happily, I got it working in time to watch Torchwood: Miracle Day. thoughts: GWEN! I HATE YOU STILL!


I miss Ianto. YOU BASTARDS! No, I'm clearly STILL not over CoE.

That is all. Also, Mekhi Phifer. Yum.

Here's hoping it lasts through the second showing of Leverage, since I missed the first one.

Like I said:



  1. MMMMmmmmMMMMMmmm Torchwood. Sadly no Starz for I and I just cant bare to watch only the first ep. I'd cry from lack of John Borrowman. I need to watch CoE still anyway...woooops.

    BTW I ordered the first Dresden book on Amazon. SO EXCITED. I fear the addiction lol

  2. I was leery of Torchwood since, you know, there'd been all that talk way back in the beginning about it being a relaunch, like they've done with other BBC shows. But it being utterly different from all of that, I decided I'd give it a go.

    So far, so good. I mean, yes, I have an unreasoning dislike for Gwen, and since she and Jack are the only two left from the original team, there's a lot of her. That being said, I'm enjoying it. I like the weirdness of having Bill Pullman play such a creepywrong guy, for one, and the FBI char's are kind of awesome so far. It's early days, so that could always change. But, really, Barrowman. He makes up for a multitude of sins. And causes a few others!

    CoE - my relationship with it is...complex. On the one hand, DAMN YOU RTD!!!!!!!!! On the other, it was really well done. So...yeah. It's well worth watching, but I cry every time.

    Woohoo! Don't fear the addiction! Embrace it!

  3. I got to see about the first third of Miracle Day's first episode...then my internet decided it didn't want to play with me anymore. (It does fine with youtube no matter how long they are but seems to hate videos anywhere else. I finally caved and had to buy the last episode of Supernatural on iTunes because I couldn't get the video on the CW site to work for more than about 30 seconds.)

    So I didn't even get to Barrowman, and only about a minute or two of Gwen. But yes, she's still annoying. I am not at all used to not liking a Bill Pullman is very strange. He just looks so friendly!


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