Saturday, July 30, 2011

3 Things

1. I appear to be losing my mind. This is not a drill. Warning: I'm about to discuss my toilet. So if just the idea of that grosses you out, go away. I'm not being gross at all here. It just gets mentioned. So. Earlier, I went to the bathroom. This is after cooking dinner, eating and cleaning up the kitchen. I make my pit stop before going to play with the dogs and when I get up, pulling up my pants and turn around to flush, I discover that there is a hot pad floating on top of the water in the toilet. On top of the toilet paper! So it had just, *just* been dropped in there. Where in the hell did it come from? I don't remember having it in my hands, and you'd think that'd be something I noticed! So, either I'm losing my mind and was carrying it around. Or, I'm losing my mind and had shoved the hot pad down the back of my pants. Or...I don't know. It's freaking me out...

P.S.: that hot pad was thrown away. Because, EW.

2. I fit into a size 14 dress today. Go me!

3. *facepalm* I've said it before, but it bears repeating. Insanity runs in my family. So does stubborness and the rock solid belief that we are always right. No matter what. My parents drove my grandmother to the airport today, she's up in Ohio visiting family. Well, they come back and my mother wants to know if I want to know the big family secret. So, duh, I swear to secrecy. It's all very light hearted, so, you know, nothing really serious. Apparently, my grandmother took my oldest cousin, when he was a year old and got him baptised. Secretly. Against his parents wishes. And she's never told anyone, not even my grandfather, who would have been mad at her for going against my uncle and his wife's expressly stated desires. So when she dies, she wants to be sure that he gets his baptismal certificate. Let's all pause and reflect on the levels of wrong involved here...

And now I'm going to go write about a 1,000 more words to finish my Camp NaNo project, yay! And watch this documentary about a bunch of families who are preparing for doomsday. Interesting...


  1. I do lots of those types of things. I forget what I am doing and will put my cup of tea in the fridge. and then wander around looking for it.

    or the teapot in the cupboard to brew?

    or the best. My mobile phone in the freezer. yep. it rang. we found it.

    Too much going on, mind thinking of too many things. I blame it all on that.

    I try to keep lists now. As I tend to have info over load. I think of something and poof 2 secs later gone.

    Great going Amber with the weight lose. you are doing so well. If only I had the will power... I do try, sometimes! LOL

    Anyway so what is going on with you and church? You havent talked about it for a long time

  2. Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ok, that was funny about the hot pad! :D

    Wow, congrats on size 14 - whoo hoooo!

    Your grandma is a riot!

    Great to read an update! Hope the writing is going well.

    Happy last day of July! :)

  3. Sol,

    *laughs* But I've never done anything like that before! And try as I might I cannot remember having the hot pad in my hand. It would have had to have been in my hands the *entire time*. Weird...


    Church is...I don't get there every week. I try, but things come up. Mostly my exercise schedule to be honest. The gym is only open for a short period on Sundays, and that just happens to be in the morning which is when Divine Liturgy is held. And they're not open at all on Saturday or Friday evening because the owners are Seventh Day Adventists. I'm doing my best to keep on plugging along without being able to go every week, but I'm sure that my recent dip in faith is tied into that. I haven't figured out a solution that will let me do everything I need to do yet.

  4. Susanne,

    Yeah, sure. Laugh at my pain! :p

    It is kind of funny, but it's still freaky. I cannot remember having the pad in my hands at all. But like I said, it would have had to have been in my hands the entire time. And even then I can't figure out how that would work because it was clean, barring the whole being in toilet water issue. If I'd had it in hand when I wiped, it should have gotten dirty. But it *wasn't*. So where was it?!?

    Thanks! The funniest part is, I have another dress, a size 16 that I still can't wear because it's a very straight line dress and my breasts are still too big.


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