Monday, August 1, 2011

Alien or Angel - a post about nothing

First of all, guess what week it is! Go on, guess. I bet you'll never get it. :D

So what do ya'll think about aliens?

I was watching this show on tv this weekend, Ancient Aliens. The premise is that they're presenting evidence and theories about aliens interacting with humanity in ancient times. One of the prevailing theories, according to what I watched is that the aliens came here and created humanity as a slave race to help them mine whatever it was they needed from our planet. And humans worshiped them as gods. They interbred with humans, giving us the 'demigods' and nephilim.

Funnily enough, I'm reading 1 Enoch which (at least in the beginning) deals with the story of the Watchers and how they fell into lust with the daughters of man and forced God to wipe out humanity with the Flood to get rid of their seed and the wickedness they'd caused. Which is one of the stories that the proponents of the ancient alien theory say is an example of aliens breeding with humans and then other aliens putting a stop to it.

Aside from the whole alien thing, I find the idea of angels managing to breed with humans both compelling and odd. If they have no physical bodies, which we don't believe they do, how did they manage that? There're two versions of how it happened (not the mechanics, but the sequence of events). In the first one, the angels (Watchers) saw the daughters of men and were so attracted to them that they just had to have them. Once they were down there, having kids and living with these women, they started to teach them magic and other skills. In the second version, the Watchers went down to the humans to teach them useful things and while they were down there the daughters of men seduced them and led them into sin.

Either way, it ends with God sending out the four archangels to lay a smackdown on everyone and wiping out humanity to get rid of the mixed children, who were monstrous. Hence, the Flood.


  1. Is it shark week? I like the new blog look, by the way. Meant to say that in the last post.

    And I found this information about aliens and angels very interesting! Glad you shared!

  2. Shark Week! SHARK WEEK! :D

    I like the new layout too. I think it'll go back to the cityscape for the background after Shark Week is over, but it's much brighter this way.

    The funny part is, when you read the texts with the whole alien theory in mind, it doesn't seem as crazy as you might think.

  3. Oddly, my brother and I were talking about something along those lines (aliens and the Bible) last week. Yes, the same brother with whom I was discussing your Augustus posts. So weird how that works. :)

    and I do like the shark layout..perfect for the summer beach season...hehehe

  4. *laughs* Perhaps your brother shares your psychic powers and is zoning in on my thoughts from the future?

    SHARKS! I love sharks. Every time I open the blog page I grin. :D

  5. me too because it seems the shark is smiling and you know they say smiles are contagious. It's always fun smiling at your blog. I like the shark theme!

  6. Angels do indeed possess a physical body. Yet their physical body is in place strictly for interactions with human beings. They are beings that are primarily spirit in form, but can manifest at will into the flesh and blood(or inanimate)form of their choosing. This is hard for some people to grasp, but it is how they operate. The name of the fallen angels game is deception. UFO's are here to deceive, as we will all soon find out. Check out my blog for my upcoming Kindle book titled "When Angels Lie: Celestial Fingerprints". There is a link to the booksite on the blog page. Keep your eyes on the skies.


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