Friday, August 19, 2011

Hair! Take three for some people

Okay. For some of you this is duplication, but I'm covering all the bases, so this has been posted to FB, G+ and now Blogger!

I cut my hair. All of it. And the kitten (Penny) doesn't like it. :D


  1. It's very beautiful and suits you just greatly..

    and now my hand is itching me to go cut mine :D

  2. I think it suits you well. Too bad if the kitty doesn't like it lol

  3. Looks great, Amber!! What do you think? You look like you like it (beaming face)! :D

    What's been the reaction of your family/friends/coworkers?

    Did you get it colored too or is it always that color? I like it!

    How was the eyebrow threading? Do you recommend it? I've seen it in the mall before, but didn't stop and watch. Just found it curious.

    Do tell! :)

  4. Wafa',

    Thanks! And I say, go for it! If all else fails, hair grows back! :D

  5. LK,

    Thanks! I think it'll be even better once I figure out the styling side of things, but I love it!

    The kitty is tempermental. She'll get over it.

  6. Susanne,

    I love it, obviously! :D

    Everyone says they love it, it suits me, it's spunky or sassy or adorable, etc. Positive reviews all around.

    That's my hairs natural color. A little darker than normal in the pic because it was a little wet - it's rainy season.

    The threading was great. It doesn't hurt, not really. No more then plucking, and it goes a lot faster because they do a bunch of hairs at once. A very good experience and not expensive at all. The place here charges $11 which is comparable to waxing, from what I've been told. I recommend it!


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