Thursday, August 4, 2011

I bet you all didn't realize my secret identity...

I just started receiving reviews on this story that I'm writing. It's actually part of a series, and the commenter has gone back to all of the stories to comment. Which is awesome. The funniest part: I am apparently an awesome, awesome feminist person who writes and touches on so very many important topics for women. I write strong women who aren't trying to be masculine and it's all very realistic. About abuse and recovery or just plain not dealing with it and how it messes with relationships. Also, the mob's maiden/mother/whore complex vis a vis a woman dating the head of the outfit who does not fit in the 'mob girlfriend' box. I win at life, essentially. *blinks* Hah. AH-HAHAAAHHAAAAAAAAAA.... I am flattered, pleased and amused all at the same time. So, congrats. Apparently I'm secretly a feminist. So secretly, *I* didn't even know it. :D


  1. Wow!! Way to go! So secret even you didn't have a clue!

    I guess it's impossible for any woman to be strong and real *unless* she's a feminist.

  2. Michelle,

    I know. It's the ultimate secret identity!

    I suppose there are measures by which I am a feminist. I certainly think women should be treated equally with men. I just don't agree with all the things I understand are on the feminist agenda. But then they're hardly a monolithic group, of course.

    I'm just thanking the commenter (because they really are very great and flattering comments) and chatting about the fic and the things she's seeing in it because they really are what I meant and she has some great insight into the characters, and letting the whole 'feminist' thing go because this is a fun thing for me and I refuse to start some big wank about a label there.

    It's just funny how much I reject using the term feminist for myself and there I am. :)

  3. could you post us a link please.

    and congrats on writing and having people love it so much they comment

  4. Sol,

    I had to give this a lot of thought, actually. I'm not really comfortable linking my blog with my fanfic (which is fiction written based off of other peoples' work, in case you've never heard the term before). It really shouldn't be a *thing*, I know, since I'm comfortable sharing it with people over there. I think the difference is that they don't know me. It's all through anon ids, etc. and I've never shared my stuff with anyone who actually knows me. A fine line, sure, because the argument could be made that you guys know me about as well as they do over there in reality. But it's one I'm apparently stuck on.

  5. Aha! So over there you are feminist Amber and over here you are oh-so-meek-and-mild Amber. ;) Gotcha! Double personality!!


    Cute post! :D

  6. Susanne,

    Yes! *Rips off blouse to reveal skintight leotard with a giant F emblazoned on it. Is immediately embarrassed and puts shirt back on.*


  7. Haaaaaaaaa! Oh my, what a visual that was! ;-D


  8. Well, I must admit, I always think of you as a feminist Amber :P

  9. Darn it! You've seen through my clever disguise! :p


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