Monday, August 8, 2011

Seven Special Posts

Okay, bored at work again. Which I shouldn't be, since I have work to do. But whatever! Becky tagged me a little while back and I've been keeping it in the back of my mind because I wasn't sure what I'd answer to the categories. But, boredom. So here goes nothing.


Um. I don't know. I don't think I've ever really set out to do a touching post or anything. If I have to pick one, I guess I'd go with No Book Should Ever Be Burnt. I've written others about death, and I think they might generally be considered more beautiful, but this is the one I think of.


Based on the number of comments, the most popular post of all this blog's time is VBV Ch. 4 Pt. 11. I was reading this REALLY awful book that was supposed to be about Islam but was almost entirely wrong all of the time and the posts were explaining how I thought they were wrong from what I'd learned about Islam etc. This particular post was about salvation and how one gained it in Islam from the authors of the book's point of view. Which segued into discussion of salvation in Christianity as well.


I...don't know. I can't think of one that was really controversial...I think my blog readership is too small for me to start a controversy. I guess the post that had the most possibility to create controversy would be Menstruation and Communion. Mostly because people are touchy about the subject of menstruation, especially in religious circles, and the idea of closed communion and women being left out or asked not to participate because of something God gave to them could get people in a dither too.


I don't try to be helpful either! :D HAH! Mmm...okay. My post(s) on icons, I think. Icons and Icons, Part Deux. Because I think there's a lot of misunderstanding outside of the circles (and probably some within them as well) of people who use icons in their worship and anything I can do to get better information out there and help people understand that icons do not equal worship of the icon is helpful!


This really brief, like, 'I'm making a note' post I did a while back while I was listening to an Orthodox radio program called Our Life in Christ. It was on Baptism and Confession. I was surprised, based on the little that I put in the post how many people had something to say about it!


Easy. My posts on the death penalty and whether or not a Christian can, in good conscience, support it. Death Penalty I & Death Penalty II. I think it's because they were so long, but there's no way to make my point in fewer words. It really disappointed me that more people didn't read them. I'm actually half certain that no one but me has ever read the entire post!

And now I'm supposed to tag people, but I suck at that because I can never make up my mind. So consider yourself tagged if you want to do it!


  1. Me, me, me!!!

    *raises hand*

    *jumps up and down*


    I did read your death penalty posts! I recall they were long, but I found them oh-so-interesting. Plus you published them after you starved me of Amber posts for fourteen million days and I was dying to read anything you wrote! :)

    Really. I read almost everything you write. The only exception may be some comic/supernatural crazy fan stuff that I sort of skim. :)

    Nice reading these. I agree that your icon posts were very helpful!

  2. i enjoyed reading about your seven special posts, since i am kinda new to your post-not that new- but was not there from the beginning.

    I was tagged also so i better do my homework sooner than later :)

  3. I definitely agree that the icon posts were helpful! I liked those a lot. And it was fun remembering some of these, there have been some good conversations on your blog!

    ...I'm sorry, I do not remember the death penalty posts at all. I guess I must have missed them, or been too busy and forgotten to read them carefully. I know you get that and I don't need to make excuses, but I feel bad that I missed out on that since you put in so much work and obviously cared about them.

  4. I'm looking forward to reading some of your older posts since, like Wafa', I'm sort-of-though-not-really new, and I'm pretty certain I wasn't around when you posted your death-sentence posts so I'll try and get through those.

    Thank you for doing this :)

  5. Susanne,

    Oh! Okay. Then it's just me and you, kid. :D We're the only two who've read the entire Death Penalty post.

    That's right, it was right after... after Lent! I spent my Lent working on the research for that post!

    *laughs* I'm trying to keep the fangirling on the other blog. It's hard sometimes though.

  6. Wafa',

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. The only one who's been here since the beginning-ish is Susanne. And she's kind of crazy for hanging around this long!

    I'll keep an eye out for yours!

  7. sanil,

    I'm really glad people found the icon posts helpful!

    And you absolutely don't need to apologize for not reading anything I write! You're really busy and aside from that, no one has to read everything (or anything) I write! Also, they're really long. :)

  8. Becky,

    It was a fun little meme. I hope you enjoy anything you go back and read!

  9. Ha ha ha I saw your spammy comment Amber! Disgusting... whaaaat, you don't want a guy advertising for his Indian mail order bride service on your blog? :P

  10. Becky,

    Yeah. No. Just, no. :D He hit Susanne's blog too. Skeezy creeper!

  11. I think we should boycott American men... specifically him.

    Y'know. American men are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. ;)

  12. Very true! I should know, I'm *surrounded* by them! They're such jerks! And they're irresponsible too. Refuse to take responsibility for anything they do and they just *love* to blame any problems that they have on the women around them.

    Maybe I can get a mail-order husband? What countries do you think I should look at? I mean, if I'm going shopping, I might was well comparison shop. ;D

  13. Hmmmm that's a good question... I'm not sure I know of any country with really good men... I guess there's good and bad ones in all of them.... :(

  14. Yep. That's why I need to shop! Maybe I should demand a checklist? Like when you're shopping for a car and they have the list with the features stuck in the window? One of those, on their shirts. Just to make it easier.

  15. Amber you crack me up. Men with a list of extras on their shirts makes me laugh.

    You need to do a post on that.

    I dated a Dutch guy once. He was a dream, but he went home and I bounced back. it wasnt meant to be.

    I did read the death penalty ones.

    At the moment I think we need a lot stonger punishment for people in the UK. I am unsure where I stand on it at the moment. Feeling a bit raw about it all, right now.

    Please do a post about men and the optional extras. and re-run the dealth penalty ones. and we can think about out last meal as well. I feel lots of comments coming on. Ohhh and a man that looks like Jensen Ackles. Gosh now he would be very nice to look at whilst eating at the dinner table. I am not sure I could eat!

    I remember reading somewhere that chicken fried steak is one of the top ordered foods of the inmates on death row want for their last meal.

    I googled it and found that chicken fried steak is actually beef. That kind of threw me.

  16. Sol,

    *lol* I'll have to think about that. What extras would I be looking for... :)

    Cool! That makes three of us!

    I can understand that, the feeling raw. It changes things, especially peoples opinions, when you've just been faced with something so horrific and senseless.

    I'll rerun the death penalty ones. Maybe split them up a bit better, make them into more manageable chunks. :)

    *cough**laughs* As an alternative idea, we could use Jensen Ackles as the table. Thereby giving us incentive to eat! The more you eat, the more of Ackles you can see! 8D

    Chicken fried steak is yummy. Yeah, I bet that was a bit of a surprise, wasn't it? 'Chicken fried' is the method of cooking. You can have pretty much any kind of meat 'chicken fried', but the steak is the most popular. And it's absolutely terrible for you. So that's probably got something to do with it. People think, well, I'm going to be dead in a few hours, might as well eat this now. It's not going to have time to clog my arteries and kill me!

  17. I am totally in favour of check lists. They should have both good and bad traits, so you can see what you can live with - and without.

  18. Becky,

    Of course. So we can see how it all balances out and if there are any deal killers in there.

    'Oh, he's thoughtful, but he can't cook.' - I can live with that.


    'Doesn't like dogs.' *makes buzzer sound* Pass!

  19. Yes! It is an excellent plan :D

    Haha captcha: wants


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