Friday, June 17, 2011

nothing to see here, move along....

Soooooooo....first week back at work after vacation. Always busy, so no posting, because, distracted girl is distracted.

Also, X-Men has eaten my brain. The new movie, I mean.

It's making me want to look at the comics again, even though I know that they're not the same. But...but... Erik and Charles! Being awesome together! Why can't I have that on tap? Huh? HUH? *grumbles**reads fanfic that fixes The Beach Divorce some more*

Going to go see Green Lantern and X-Men: First Class (again!) this weekend. Comic nerdgasm!

CHANGE OF PLANS! There's not really a good way to see both movies this weekend, and, oh, I feel like such a traitor but I MUST SEE X-MEN AGAIN CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!! Um. So. In conclusion, X-Men: First Class this weekend and Green Lantern next. I'm sorry bb, but *flail* Erik. Charles. Epic bromance. I may have become obsessed. Maybe.

Don't judge me!

And I promise to try and keep the geekery on the other blog, where it belongs from now on.

i already want the bluray for X-Men: First Class. like NOW


  1. I figured you were busy at work due to being off last week. Enjoy your comics and stuff! :)

  2. LOL, Amber! I did enjoy the new X-Men flick. It was very good -- especially the little cameo of Storm as a little girl when Xavier tried out Cerebro for the first time. ^_^

    I already have it on DVD. In the 'Stan you can get the new films on DVD, like, yesterday. LOL

  3. I am SO VERY JEALOUS of your possession of that DVD, you have no idea! I've seen the movie twice and am considering seeing it again. I've already begun stalking Amazon for the bluray release!


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