Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Eldritch Horror Living In My Car

Saturday I had to take my dog to the vet. Routine shots, etc. No big deal, right?

I get there and the parking lot is more full than usual and I wind up parking in a different area from where I usually do. Next to some woods.

Well, I get out of the car and for some entirely *stupid* reason I leave my door open while I go in the back of the car to get Baby out. I get Baby on his leash and unhooked from the seatbelt, close the back door and turn to close my door. To find this:


So I stand there, one hand on the door, wondering if I swing the door really fast, will it catch the spider? And of course, in that hesitation, the damn thing crawls all the way into the car. I got to watch it scurry across my dashboard and then *fold itself* into the defrost vents for the windshield.


I'm running on the theory that the spider has either crawled out of the car again, or crawled into the engine and died, or just dropped dead or spider related whatevers, because I haven't seen it again, and trust me I've been *looking*. I do not want to see him ever, ever again.

Spiders. Ugh. So. Gross.


  1. Ha! Michael told me last week he saw a spider crawl into the place I keep CDs in my car. He wanted me to open it, but he didn't see the spider. No big deal,right? Not much later I felt a string on my shirt was tickling my skin so I go to remove it.

    It's a spider! Crawling near my neck! Thankfully spiders don't freak me out..I just removed it and squashed it with my fingers. All done.

  2. I don't like them at all, either. The other night a big one was walking down my wall and onto a pile of DVDs, at which point I put a vase over it and in the morning, took it outside. That was lucky... most of the time they're not so easy to trap. I hope yours doesn't reappear!

  3. Susanne,

    No, no, see, this is not some tiny little spider that can be squished between your fingers. It's as big as my *hand*!

    Your spider story is cute!

  4. Sarah,

    Spiders are the one animal that I'm just utterly wigged out by. I kill them on sight and feel no guilt for it. They're evil and creepy looking!

    I'm counting on the power of positive thinking here. It's dead it's dead it's dead!

  5. Haha God willing it will not return!

    When I was about 11-12 years old I used to catch (small) spiders in my hand and show them to the girls in class... guess who wasn't popular :P haha

    But since then, I've gotten more cautious from travelling abroad. We have no poisonous spiders (or snakes or anything else) in Denmark, so they're all safe, but when I'm abroad... I freak out about them.

  6. I keep looking for it. It better not come back, or there will be blood! *SMASH*!

    And then there was a spider in my *shower* last night! Not as big as this one, but, my SHOWER! I smooshed it.

    See, the thing about Florida is, it's safest to assume that *everything* is poisonous. Funnily enough, I used to have a 'pet' spider. It was a daddy long leg, which are cute and harmless. They eat other spiders. :)


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