Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All the things!

So, first order of business. I would like to announce the...acknowledgement of my best friends sproglet! Eve is having a girl! YAY!

They're not telling anyone the name until closer to actual birth if not after she's born. I think they're a little nervous, truth be told, which is not surprising. First pregnancy and all that. So in lieu of naming the sproglet I'm calling her Evesdottir.


So...other things.

Lazy Amber is lazy. Also, Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I kind of went nuts with the staying up late and doing things, etc. So I'm tired again. But less tired than I was before.

Oddly, I think I'm allergic to fish oil. Or maybe something they put in the capsules? See, I have this (tmi time..) spot on my leg where the vein sort of bulges out. It's just there and it's never bothered me or anything. Well, last week? A little before that? It started twinging and itching. At first I thought it was in my head, you know? But then it kept going on. Well, the only thing I'd started doing differently was taking these fish oil capsules because they're supposed to be good for your heart. So I stopped taking them and the pains and the itching has gone away. Which is funny since I've taken the same dosage of fish oil before and not had any problem. Weird.

A tree attacked me Halloween night (no, I wasn't drinking) and I have a lovely scratch/scrape all down the side of my right hand.

Reading Duma Key by Stephen King - very good. We were discussing this the other day and I *know* it sounds bad, but here it is: Stephen King was very good and very dark when he was drinking and taking drugs. He got sober (good for him, don't get me wrong!) and he was still good, but not *very* good and not so dark. Then he nearly died. And when he came back he was better than he'd ever been before. The life cycle of the writer = very strange. And, obviously, this is my opinion. YMMV. Anne Rice, on the other hand, was good when she was drunk, then sobered up and lost her freaking mind. It has never come back.

Also reading The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis. Very good. Historical mystery set in Vespasians Rome. I'm only in the first book (it's a series) but I'm loving it. Fast paced, energetic main character. I'm really liking the 'love interest' (I so very, very much want them married by the end of this book which is unusual for me but I think that Helena would be good for Falco. She's awesome on top of a slice of strong willed female) and well it's just well written.

Related note: have any of you ever read the The Girl... series by Steig Larsson? I keep seeing the previews for the movie they've made from the first one, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it's kind of making me want to read the book. But if it's not a good mystery then I don't want to.

We went to a local haunted house thing on Monday. The haunted house was not scary. Okay, it scared two people in the group, but they're kind of giant chickens. Look. Haunted houses' are supposed to be dark. Yes. However, when you have it so dark that the people literally cannot see anything, it's sort of pointless. We went through a corridor where there were heavy canvas-y things hanging in the middle. I assume they were meant to be hanging bodies or something. However, it was so dark that I couldn't see them! So they were just annoying. And the air horn? Not your friend in a haunted house. It's a cheap gimmick to startle people and after the fourth or fifth time? Not so much. Also, over use of the strobe lighting! It can be cool and it helps give the actors that slo-mo movement look (there was one actress who really knew how to use it to the best effect!) but you *can* over do it to the point that, again, the people can't *see* what the hell they're supposed to be scared of! *rolls eyes*

Many props to the little girl who was playing a dead little ghost girl in the haunted house though. She was suitably creepy and kept a very straight and serious face through her whole bit. *thumbs up*


  1. I read The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (the first one in the series). It was a pretty good mystery, and the movie is also good if you like mysteries. I was bothered by all the violence against women in it, though. The main character is meant to be something of a feminist, revenging male violence against women, but to me that seemed to serve as an excuse to detail all the violence against women (including against her) that she then seeks to avenge. And there is a very disturbing rape scene. ~Zuhura

  2. Evesdottir is so cute! Yay for a sweet pink bundle of joy for your friend! :)

    Sorry about the tree attacking you. I agree about haunted houses being TOO DARK to see anything being rather pointless. Ha!

    That is weird about the fish oil thing. I saw that on FB and just didn't know what to say though I thought it was odd. You should try taking them again and see if it happens again.

    Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. I liked reading your book and author talk.

  3. Zuhura,

    Thanks! I keep hearing that the main character Salander(?) is a huge feminist character and there was some spat over the first movie poster because she was topless in it, but of course that's not my interest in the book...

    Violence, etc. in a fictional setting typically doesn't bother me though there is always American Psycho to prove that I, too, can be disgusted.

    Fiction is something of a Rorschach test, isn't it? Everyone sees the actions and events a little differently.

  4. Susanne,

    And now begins the buying of the things! I already bought a little onesie for next Halloween!

    The tree viciously jumped me!

    I'll think about it. To be honest it sort of scared the crap out of me until I figured it out. I thought the vein was about to burst and I was going to drop dead any second!

  5. I'm glad you got better when you stopped taking the fish oil. :) It is weird, but at least you figured it out!

    I hate haunted houses. Granted, I haven't been to one since I was 11 or so. I haven't been able to. That was the age where I went to a cider mill with a baby haunted house and an adult one, and I was just old enough to go to the adult one. So I did. All by myself because my parents will not do anything like that. I was crying so much a 20-something couple who caught up to me stayed with me for the rest of it, but I was pretty traumatized. I do not like being lost like you get in those pitch black maze-like haunted houses, and I have no interest in checking to see if I would handle it any better today.

    Did you have fun with your Halloween activities?

  6. sanil,

    Very weird. I'm going to ask my doctor about it the next time I go in to see him.

    Ah, see, that would leave you traumatized. Me, I never had one of those experiences. Scared myself silly, sure, but not like that. I love haunted houses though I have to admit they rarely *scare* me anymore.

    I did, yes. :)


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