Thursday, November 3, 2011

I have no idea what this means, if it means anything at all. Really.

Okay, okay, so I said earlier about how we shouldn't read into things too much, right? Right?

So I shouldn't read too much into the fact that the tree that I cut myself on on Halloween was a birch tree, right?

For those who don't know why I'm flailing around like a small nutter...according to what I remember the birch is represented by the rune berkana (it looks like a sharp B) which has meanings of renewal, healing, recovery, physical or spiritual regeneration, a new growth from old roots, and motherhood. Though I think we can safely ignore the 'motherhood' portion right now.

Also, as I recall, sacred to Thor and Frigga (as well as other goddesses but I can't remember which ones right now).

*And* well, a whole lot of other things.



  1. Um. Well, I went a little flail-y too when I read that it was a birch tree. But then again, I also stopped and stared at squirrels for about 5 minutes yesterday because they had messages for me. :D So, you know. Take that as you will.

    Very interesting, whether it's coincidence or not.

  2. sanil,

    I find it a little fail worthy, even having given myself some time to calm down. Given the recent turn of my mind and the fact that out of all the trees in the parking lot I leaned against *that* tree. And the fact that while yes, I was tired and leaning there's really no reason I should have slipped. I mean I didn't over balance or anything that I can recall. One second I was leaning, the next I was sliding and bleeding on the tree. So.

    The one thing I'm having a hard time deciding is if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Like...was that an attempt at a kick in the head to get my attention (and why on earth did I decide to figure out what kind of tree it was in the first place? A random feeling that it was important to know, that's why.) or a message or rejection?

  3. My ideas...

    Do you know where your thoughts were at the time? Either at that moment or in general the whole day? Especially if you were thinking of something related to femininity or fertility (which doesn't necessarily mean motherhood - maybe a project or idea that needs expression). Like, if you had to phrase your thoughts at that time as a question you might ask before drawing a rune, what would the question be? (I don't mean tell me, unless you want to, just things to think about.)

    The fact that it "attacked" you could give it a negative meaning, but that's why I'm asking where your thoughts were in relation to those things. If there's a new beginning you've been ignoring and putting off, it could be a demand for attention. If there's a new project you've been really dedicated to despite going against the current or something, it could be a warning that it's not going to go well and you should stop.

  4. I wondered about the tree story and how you managed to get cut. Interesting stuff!

  5. sanil,

    At that exact moment most of my thoughts were focused on the fact that my feet hurt! *lol*

    I know what you mean though. I know what I'd been thinking about especially that day and I've taken steps that should solve the issue. I refuse to move any faster than I am though and for good reason. I won't make the same mistake twice if I can help it. But I think the fact that I've stopped refusing to admit that there is a question should satisfy everyone. *eyes the room*

    I say attacked, but I'm joking. I certainly didn't feel anything malevolent before, during or after the incident. I didn't even hurt myself when I fell. Landed very gracefully on my knees in front of the tree, truth be told. :) And the cut is healing nicely.

  6. Susanne,

    Yes, interesting. :) Only I could cut myself on a tree without climbing into it first!

  7. I realized you were kidding about the attack. :D I just meant getting scratched generally not good. Just talking general omen/divination theory, I think that makes it about the same as a reversed card. But thanks for clarifying anyway. I'm glad you're healing easy. :)

  8. I figured you knew the tree didn't really attack me, but I was trying to say I don't feel like the...the intent behind what happened was in any way malicious.

    See, I don't see bloodletting as necessarily a bad thing. But then again I've certainly not studied it as much as you have!

    I was viewing it more...I don't know. A reminder of an obligation that I'd taken on myself and let slip. A kind of offering. And maybe something reaching out to me in a way that nothing has before?

    Assuming that anything apart from me slipping when I shouldn't have occurred of course.

  9. But then again I've certainly not studied it as much as you have!
    Meh, I think that even for people who have studied, a seer's job is to give suggestions and possible interpretations. Only the person the message is for can apply it to their lives and decide which makes the most sense in context. Go with your gut! And I did say that it could go either way, so I agree with you. It just depends on the context. :) But now I get what you were saying about it not being malicious, like that probably helps eliminate the negative interpretation. Probably true, makes sense to me anyway.

    I was viewing it more...I don't know. A reminder of an obligation that I'd taken on myself and let slip. A kind of offering. And maybe something reaching out to me in a way that nothing has before?
    I like that!


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