Friday, October 28, 2011

True Confession Time: 'because it will piss ____ off'

I've realized I've done at least two things in my life for the simple reason that it would annoy/piss off someone that I didn't like.

First, though maybe this doesn't count since I really did have issues with the faith - I quietly left off being a Christian because I was mad at my family. That doesn't take into account, as I say, the issues I actually had with it but it was a deciding factor in leaving and being an atheist. Then deciding I was going to be a witch - partially because I thought it was better to focus on the Female, yes. But also because I knew it would 'concern' people.

Second, going to a Catholic church.

My mother had just married my Dad and his parents were living with us. His mother hated me and she hated Catholicism. She's an angry ex-Catholic. So, when informed that I *had* to go to a church on Sunday's because no one in the house was *not* going to be Christian, I picked the one I knew would piss her off the most. And proceeded to learn everything I could so I could argue with her about it and be right.

Which, upon reflection would be why neither of these things lasted.


  1. lol - oddly enough I know just how you feel...

    (I am decidedly ignoring the dreadful comments from Rambo - guess you dont have any moderator comments on yet?) Have fun this weekend - however you spend it!

  2. Hi Ahavah!

    I don't think we're alone in doing this stuff...

    My weekend shall be fun. I take Halloween off every year, so I've got a three day weekend coming! And I'm probably going to hook up with some people and go to a haunted house thing they do a few towns over. It's a big event and lots of fun. Then go out for drinks. But that's all on Monday.

    *rolls eyes* Dingus shows up every so often on my blog, Susanne's and Becky's. He got Sanil this time around too I see.

    I mark him as the spam he is. I really don't want to turn on mod for comments. It seems a little silly given the volume and kinds of comments I get. :)

  3. Interesting observation! It makes sense, and it's a good point that doing things with that motivation tends not to work well.

    I'm a little amused by your reaction to his mom. :D I don't know if that is good or bad, and I realize you're commenting on it not being the best motivation, but I get that vaguely malicious glee.

    Also, shiny new background! I like it.

  4. This post made me smile. Typical Amber! Love her! :)

  5. I got a weird message on my blog too! lol its been a long time since I've had a crazy message.

    This is a very truthful observation and the fact that you see these things shows that you are thoughtful and perceptive. Most people would just ignore the why.

  6. sanil,

    Oh, I'm not even touching on my true feelings for his mother because it's not nice at all. Better to keep my mouth shut. Trust me.

  7. Susanne,

    I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not...typical Amber is being vicious? Well, yeah. Okay. :)

  8. LK,

    Crazy trolls are crazy.

    I'm all about the why. I think people's motivations for doing things are almost more important than the things themselves sometimes.


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