Friday, October 14, 2011

You Can Tell Where My Mind Is Focused

A friend and I discussing movies and what's coming out soon:

Her: So what's on for this weekend?

Me: Well, we're either going to go see Moneyball, that's the one with Brad Pitt and baseball? Or the remake of The Thing.

Her: Oh, count me out. The fact that they even made a remake is deeply offensive to me.

Me: I know. Well, next week is Paranormal Activity 3.

Her: I didn't even want to see 2.

Me: I know, but they've sucked me in!

Her: I understand. Well, no I don't, but.

Me: And Avengers comes out in May! *huge grin of hugeness*

Her: Wow. Checking off the days, are we?

Me: I'm just very aware that it's months until the movie comes out. Less than a year. *still grinning with maniac gleam in her eyes*

Her: *backs slowly away from the crazy*

Me: I will totally go see it at the midnight showing! And then again, and again, and again.... *grins the whole time*

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