Monday, October 10, 2011


Okay, okay, remember the post about animals and how I can't stand them being hurt?

I have somehow managed to never read the novella Apt Pupil before. It's about a little psycho kid who figures out that one of his neighbors is a Nazi in hiding. So he (like you do) goes and blackmails the guy into telling him all the juicy details of the concentration camps. And it goes as well as you expect something like that to go.

I'm reading along, quietly freaked out because holy crap this kid is *wrong in the head*.

And then the Nazi guy catches a stray cat and shoves it in his oven so he'll stop having nightmares. And he's talking about adopting a puppy because bigger is better, you know?

*shudder* I'm skimming this fucking story. I see any mention of any kind of animal and I skip ahead.

The fucking kid ran over a wounded bird on his bike.

I don't even-

I hate this story so much.

I want both of these people dead.

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