Monday, October 10, 2011


Colette made me cry.


  1. Me too, so much. She really is an amazing character, played by an amazing actress.

  2. I still dont know what to think of this show. I think most of the ladies are talented (Colette is the best) but I'm not sure I feel it. Its like, 1960s spy women...really?

  3. She is! I expected it to be good from your post, but then actually watching it? It was lovely and painful.

  4. LK,

    It's funny, I remember reading an article about the show before it came out and I think the article said that it was based on the memoirs of this one PanAm stewardess and the stories of her friends. I do remember it saying that they did use PanAm for couriering things because they could fly anywhere and how all the stewardesses were put in the Air Force as lieutenants or something so if they were ever captured/detained they were covered by some articles and treaties. So I'm not sure that the 'spy' storyline (which is really more playing bag girl) is that far off. The things we don't know about history...


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