Tuesday, October 11, 2011

*dead from fangirl glee*

Avengers trailer.

*explodes and has to reanimate self to watch again*

All the- and the-

No. Words. Must. Watch. Again. While grinning like a lunatic!

Work? What the fuck is that?



    I love Tony. I do. A lot. But I sort of don't like how the preview makes it look like this is Iron Man 3: Now With FRIENDS! He gets all the fun lines! And Thor gets to laugh and look pretty. Which is important, but still. :D

    It's not like it's new information, but I'm sad that they switched up the lineup enough to put Hawkeye there (Jeremy Renner yay!), but still no Pietro and Wanda! ARGH! I love Pietro and Wanda, I've been hoping to see them since the first X-Men film! And yes, I realize that probably at least part of the reason they're not in this is that they're technically connected to X-Men and so maybe Fox owns them for now, but COME ON! I don't even care who at this point, just somebody give me my awesome supertwins!

    *coughs* Sorry.

    I'm really really excited about how they're making all this work. It occurred to me while I was watching this that it's very unlikely they could have pulled something like this off 20, maybe even 10 years ago. It would have seemed so campy pulling together characters from several different films. But since we knew it was coming, and geeks have taken over everything, and so all those individual films were really just setup for this, it works.

    I keep forgetting I have not seen Thor or Captain America. I never really had any interest in the comics, so I didn't pay much attention to the movies. But I really should see them before this one.


    LOKI. That voice over! The- the- all the things!

    I'm thinking that that's just the preview. I don't think it'll be the Iron Man show. I think they're highlighting Iron Man because he's had the most movies. You know, sort of a draw. But it's going to have to be a team film or it won't work and it'll piss off the fans. Everybody knows Cap comes out on top.

    Mmm...Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye fills me with happies. I really have no feelings one way or the other towards Wanda and Pietro except that I think Wanda's too powerful. I mean, last time I checked her powers weren't just magic/chaos magic but the ability to rewrite reality? Too much. Realistically, unless something changes with the rights re: X-Men, Fox and Marvel I don't think we'll see them *or* Wolverine in an Avenger movie. And I mourn the Wolverine part of that more than anything else. The whole Fox v. Marvel thing is also why I doubt we'll get Doom as a villain any time soon. And that also makes me sad. :)

    *nods* Only a few years ago I don't think this would have worked. And even now, if it had been handled poorly it still wouldn't work. You have to establish the universe and the main players first and that takes a lot of investment. They're already five movies in to even get to the point where they can have an ensemble movie. It was a risk and I think it's paid off.

    You have to see them both. Right now! Thor is already out and Captain America is coming out later this month so you should be able to rent them both. That reminds me, I should probably pick up a copy of the Ed Norton Hulk movie at some point. For the sake of completeness of collection.

  3. Well, see...back when X-Men: Evolution was still on TV and was my favorite cartoon ever, this adorable kid called Michael Welch was in a few commercials and my sister and I kept seeing him a lot. At that time, he looked perfect for the role of Pietro, almost exactly like that version of the character. So we've been wanting to see him do the part ever since, even though he doesn't actually look right for it anymore. And then there's the fact that they're related to my favorite character, so I see potential for family drama and go all happy inside.

    Wanda is too powerful. That's why the universe fixed her. :D I've done lots of theorizing in my head about how Layla and the whole "Decimation" line shows that the universe is sentient in Marvel and is fixing its mistakes. But then I stopped reading and have no idea if they did anything with that, either showing I'm right or disproving it.

    ...Ok, Wolverine would be an awesome addition to these movies. I forgot that one, somehow. Ugh, they need to settle this. Even though part of me doesn't want them to, because I actually like what Fox is doing with the series. Some overlap, maybe? Wolverine's everywhere in the comics, he can be everywhere in the movies! :D

    (Have you seen the Floating Hands Studios parodies? Awesome. Poor Wolverine gets put on teams A, B, and C for simultaneous missions. :D)

  4. Ah, well. Much as I love Magneto, I've just never cared much about his kids. Sorry!

    You know, I have the reprint of the Avengers/Justice League crossover from years ago and I'm pretty sure that both universes' are represented as Beings. So...your theory may have merit. I have no idea since my Marvel reading is highly selective! Does it have Magneto, Wolverine, or the Avengers I Care About in it? If yes, read.

    I'm torn on this too. I want more of the retro X-Men. I want more Brokeback Mutants! And so I'd like Fox to keep them. But...the crossover possibilities are limited due to, you know, all that. So.

    I'm pretty sure one of Wolverine's mutations is the ability to be in all the places at the same time. It's the only explanation for how he does all he does in Marvel.


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