Sunday, October 23, 2011


I am still convinced that the character Tom Kane is analogous to John Marcone. If Marcone became mayor of Chicago and then got a progressive, degenerative illness. I don't picture Kelsey Grammer *as* Marcone, physically. For that, see Gabriel Macht.

Go google him. I'll wait. Oh, no, I won't. Here:

You're welcome.

I think it's all the attitude. Here:

"If in the course of doing what I feel is best for this city there is collateral damage...So be it."

You tell me who said that. John Marcone or Tom Kane.

Both of them certainly could have and that's the awesome part.

And then there's the part where, having been handed a pair of severed ears in a really nice box by the guy whose ears they are he waits until he gets home to open it. Sees that it's the ears, goes 'eh' and puts them down the garbage disposal. Then tries to have an emotional moment with his wife.

His balls clank when he walks.

In other news, I clearly have a thing for the anti-hero type. Thankfully that's just my taste in fictional men!

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