Wednesday, October 19, 2011


can make me love things.

For instance, I've never previously cared much about Hawkeye (let's leave aside the fact that my entire love of the Avengers is a new and shiny thing - I did previously collect Avengers comics. For Iron Man and Captain America and the slash. Because they are married.), but thanks to fandom and all the awesome fics getting written about him in movie verse, I'm kind of loving Clint.

Also, Coulson. The little short films Marvel's put out starring him? Adorable and genius and I want to put him in my pocket, but he'd probably go ninja badass on me.

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  1. Yeah, it's good at that. I didn't have much interest in Supernatural until I saw videos of conventions and started reading fanfic.

    And then there's Inspector Spacetime...totally made up show, the whole fandom sprang up from like a 30-second parody on a sitcom I've never watched. But...there's a fandom for it. :D They're active. And they're kind of awesome. So I love it, to the point that seeing one of those red phone boxes made me almost as happy as seeing a blue one would have. DARSIT! :D (Apologies if you have not been exposed to this fandom and have no idea what I'm talking about.)

    Fandom is very powerful.


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