Saturday, October 8, 2011

SPN: The Girl Next Door

I wasn't feeling well last night (stupid female biology) so this is a day late. :)

I do worry/wonder about that cut of Sam's. Not that I think he's infected by Leviathan's or anything, but it was Purgatory magic blood glass. That's got to be bad.

Oh, hey. So I know this is supposed to be all serious and worrying, but Dean in a backless hospital gown! Full rear nudity anyone?

BOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew he couldn't be dead.

I like stoned!Dean.

Limp faster!

Ha! It's cute that Dean and Bobby are addicted to Spanish soap operas.

Again: Bobby is the smartest guy on this show. I really do need to do the Bobby & Hendricks appreciation post.

Wasn't Mistress Magda the lady that Chuck was talking to? I think she was.

No, Sam. Cake <> pie.

Kitsune! Youko Kurama! Naruto! I'm having an anime moment.

Also, bb!Sam.

And Sam's doing something stupid.

My Bloody Valentine ref.

This will not end well Dean.

Red Hood tshirt!

Sammy's talking to Dean, right? I mean, bb!Sammy in the flashbacks.

bb!Sammy is adorable. And his brothers repository of knowledge. 'How do you talk to girls?'

Her necklace. Isn't there something about kitsune and moons? Too lazy to look it up.

Hey! I love her!

Ah, I want kitsune girl and her kid to live. Let them live!

Dude. Sam needs to stop dating. It never works out.

Oh, Dean. Shit.

Seriously, I mean. Okay, that was cold. But uh...if you want to be responsible, you kind of should have killed that kid too.

'Everything is better with cheese.' That's just so wrong.



  1. But uh...if you want to be responsible, you kind of should have killed that kid too.

    I am a terrible person and laughed really loud when I got to that part of your post. And also had the same thought last night but didn't write it. So I guess we're both terrible? :D

    I hope you feel better! I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. :(

    I think I forgot how Sam got the cut in the first place. I will have to rewatch. Also missed the Red Hood shirt. Wow. And what was the My Bloody Valentine reference? (Questions you can't answer: Where was I last night? Why'd I miss everything? :D)

    Poor Sam. He really doesn't have much luck.

  2. As long as we're terrible together?

    Eh. Girl issues. Nothing for it but to curse biology.

    After the jar shattered, he pushed himself up off the floor and put his hand down on the huge shard of glass. Red Hood shirt was on the convenience store clerk when Dean was interviewing him, looking for Sam. And the MBV reference was a commercial that Dean was watching. It was for a movie called My Bloodiest Valentine in 'goriest three d'!

    You're right, I can't answer those. :D


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