Thursday, October 27, 2011

American Horror Story


1) I enjoy this show more with each episode.

2) They pronounced Samhain correctly! All the love for that.

3) The music they keep playing when the original owner, the Doctor, is doing nasty things in his basement is from the soundtrack to Bram Stoker's Dracula. You know, the one with Gary Oldman. *shudder* You have Gary Oldman and that's what you do with him? Shame on you Coppola. Moving on...

4) Zachary Quinto! I <3 you. For the record. Even when you're creepy and dead and murderous.

5) I really wish Quinto's hubby on the show had given McDermott a blowjob. I...would pay money for that. No lie.

6) The guy playing the Doctor was in Rose Red. He played the annoying post-cognitive psychic who lost fingers. Can't remember the characters name and I never knew the actors name.

7) Mutant baby? Y/Y?

8) I really want to know where Violet's boyfriend came from. I mean, clearly, he's one of the ghosts in the house but when did he get killed? I want that story.

9) I fear that they're going to kill the dog next week. There was a shot in the preview of the microwave with something red splattered on the inside and that's an urban legend, you know? The dog in the microwave? While this will make me cringe badly...I'll keep watching the show.

10) Abby! That surprised me so, so badly. I really like her and, you know, yes, she's going to be coming back as a ghost (most likely), I'm still going to miss her because the ghosts aren't the same as the people they used to be.

Oh! And at some point I shall talk about Paranormal Activity. All three movies. Maybe tonight when I can add visual aides....




    I'm sorry I'm just really geeking out over this and can't really process enough to go back and read the rest of the entry.


    *breathes* Ok, I'm better. I think.

    9)...I have not heard that urban legend. Bad!

    Sounds like an interesting show. And of course, there's ZACHARY. So I'll maybe have to watch a few episodes online if they are available. Thanks for reminding me and inciting my interest!

    I look forward to seeing your post on Paranormal Activity. If I had a car and more money to spend (I went on a bit of a spree this week and am already feeling horribly guilty about it, probably no more fun-spending for about a month), I'd probably see the new one this weekend. Which surprises me a lot, I have very little interest in most horror movies put out these days.

  2. Ok, I finally got all caught up, and now I need to talk about it. :D I love this show so much. I really didn't think I would. I'm very intrigued by the way the horror is handled. I expected a ghost story, but the ghosts are actually fairly non-threatening (mostly). It's scariest and most unsettling parts are all about human evil. Kinda like Torchwood - scariest episode will always be "Countrycide."

    2) I love that he pronounced "Samhain" correctly but not "Celtic." It had me doing all sorts of speculation about the character's background. (Because I'm weird and assume to just use the "actor screwed up" explanation. It must have an in-universe explanation!)

    4) Gah, Quinto is just unbelievably awesome in this. So awesomely bitchy.

    5) Hey, the show's not over yet!

    8)My best guess so far was that he's the baby. :( But I hope not. My second guess is that Constance killed him, because that is one crazy lady and I wouldn't put it past her just killing kids because they get on her nerves. I could easily see it if he looked at her wrong while she was out with Addy.

    10)Speaking of which, I love Addy. I hope she's not actually gone from the show. I actually thought she and Constance were somehow ghosts already and was very very sad when she got hit. I'm unsure about her coming back as a ghost, because obviously there is something important about that house (or at least, Constance thinks so) and it didn't seem like they got to the yard in time. But I hope I'm wrong.

  3. *That should have been "refuse" in #2. I could swear it was when I wrote it. *shifty eyes* I blame Blogger. Or maybe the fact that I stayed up too late to watch this marathon. OK, BED TIME NOW.

  4. So late to this. AHS is great, isn't it? I wasn't actually expecting much when it first came on. I mean, anything that tells me it 'reinvents the genre' has made a huge claim and they generally fail to live up to it. I'm not sure they've 'reinvented' anything, but they're doing what they do well and I'm all over that.

    PA post = I'm trying to make it and not have it be a million miles long. So many things.

    True. Countrycide was one of their best eps. The best/scariest horrors are the ones that are purely human. Because really. That's *us*. Something from the 'outside', whether it be ghost or alien or monster is from somewhere else. We can separate it from ourselves. A human monster is something much more personal.

    I just assumed that the actor had some sort of verbal tick over Celtic!

    Quinto should be in this show forever. He's just that great at walking the line between normal and then unbelievably creepy.

    I live in hope, but I doubt it'll happen. :)

    See, I thought about that too. But! I think the rule is that the person has to die in the house and then they stay the same age/form (basically) as they were when they died. If the angry boyfriend stole the baby and killed him elsewhere, then he couldn't be Chas. Of course, he might have killed the baby while kidnapping him and then cut him up and sent him back. But wouldn't he still be a baby then? We'll see...

    Is it Addy? Crap. I've been thinking her name was Abby this whole time. Ooops. Whatever. I love her and I'm hopeful that Constance got her to the lawn in time. We don't really know and I think the preview for this weeks ep showed her. So. But you just *know* no matter what Constance is blaming Violet for Addy's death. After all, Violet encouraged her with the make up and everything.

  5. What is the deal with her and Violet!?! I was wondering that when she gave her the cupcakes. Had Violet done anything to her at that point, or is she just moody because she's jealous they have a "normal" daughter?

    They don't stay the same age, though. :) Not all of them. Because Moira only looks the same age to Ben. And it doesn't seem to be that she's aged the appropriate number of years, either, because she shouldn't be/look so much older than Constance, and also if she was that old I seriously doubt her mom would still be alive (but I could be wrong). So it's possible (though I'm not sure how it would work) that a baby who died there could age but stop at teen years.

  6. Constance's deal is more with Vivien than with Violet. Vivien is the one who had such a problem with Addy running around the house and she actually grabbed Addy one time which was right before Constance baked the special cupcakes.

    True, true. We're not entirely clear on how the house works so anything is possible. I'm of the opinion that the Infatata is the murdered baby, if it's there at all.


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