Thursday, October 27, 2011

Look, It's Halloween, people...

I get that some Christian groups think that Halloween is evil. I think they're nutters, but whatever. No skin off my nose. I don't go to 'faith based' Halloween activities.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and that's ignoring the religious aspects of the day.

I think the...what do they even call them. Hell houses? The Christian version of a haunted house that shows you all the people in hell. Whatever. They're designed to basically scare people into believing in Christianity. Which is the wrong way of doing it but what the hell. As long as the kids aren't out there wearing scary costumes and worshiping ze Debil. *rolls eyes* For the record, the kids aren't out there worshiping anything except sugar. Which has it's own problems, no question.

Now they're coming out with this thing where they're going to wear white 'to show righteousness' (let's not talk about how irritating and wrong *that* is. *cough*self-righteous much?*cough*) and hand out Bibles (or 'other Christian gifts', though what those might be I have no idea) to kids who come trick or treating.

Apart from making your house about as popular as the people who hand out those little toothbrush kits instead of candy (way to get egged and tp'd by the way!), this is stupid.

First, who's paying for all those Bibles? Even assuming that a household could find a small Bible for, what? Five bucks let's say? How many Bibles do they need to buy to make sure they have enough? 10? 20? More? Who's going to do that?

Second, if I were a parent and someone handed out religious material to my kid I'd be pissed. *I* get to choose the religious information that comes to my kid. Not you, random person I may or may not know to say hello to. How would they feel if their kid stopped by a Muslim household (not for trick or treating, since that's Evil *makes airquotes in sarcastic manner*, but for some other reason) and they were handed a Qur'an? I believe the words shit and fit would apply to most of their reactions.

Third, do you really need to stake out another holiday? You've got plenty. Go away. *makes shooing motions* If you don't like it, don't participate. Don't let your kids participate. Don't try and ruin it for everyone else though, okay?

The *majority* of people you encounter on the street on Halloween are not viewing it as a religious holy day. And for the ones that are? That's their religion and it's their right. Back the hell off.

Here endeth my complaining.

For now.



  1. Just as another side of this--

    I loathe Halloween as the popular culture suggests it should be for anyone in their 20's (read: show-as-much-skin-as-possible-and-drink-lots-day), but I do enjoy dressing up and watching little kids run around in costumes.

    I also *love* the religious aspect of it. (To be fair, I'm more an "All Souls" girl than an "All Hallows" girl, but I like the concept all the same.)

    Even so, nobody should feel that they need to have an anti-holiday and hand out Bibles. That's silly. Spend the day in church or playing Bible-based games with your kids, but don't feel the need to assert your righteousness at everyone, especially not kids, who will only pick up on your hate. In that, I'm with you *shooing motions also*

  2. Allie,

    I actually don't mind the adult Halloween either. It's just a time to get together and have fun. The whole 'let's be mostly naked!' thing grates, but live and let live, you know? When I do a costume I do something creative. I was Tenmari from Naruto last year. I didn't really plan a costume this year since the party I usually go to was cancelled on account of pregnancy (the host). But now I'm probably going to a big haunted house thing and then out for drinks afterward so I'll throw something together from what's in my closet.

    Your last paragraph is my point, exactly. :)

  3. "Other Christian gifts" = fish necklaces, tracts, etc. I've seen quite a few people do this. Also, a lot of dollar stores have Bibles...for a dollar. :D So it's not quite so expensive, especially since (at least in my neighborhoods) trick-or-treating has fallen off a lot in recent years. At my parents' house, they can expect anywhere from 0 to 10 kids every year. And the 10 is being very optimistic, it usually winds up around 2-5. It's not just that it's an area without kids, I know of at least 8 just on their block. It's just that no one does it anymore, or they go to better-lit, safer areas. So it's plausible that a family could afford these cheap Bibles for everyone who came to their house.

    My mom's church does a Harvest Festival every year on Halloween. Lure in the trick-or-treaters with games and candy, and have them walk away with bags full of tracts, Bible verses, and Christian kid jewelry and pencils and stuff. Yay? At least it's fun for the kids, I worked at it a few times. Knowing what I know now, I mostly find it ironic and amusing. Really? They changed the name from one that recognizes the Christian holiday and replaced it with a pagan meaning? Um, ok.

    I'm not really bothered by the people passing out this sort of "treat." I always got a few tracts in my candy bucket when I was a kid too, so it's nothing new to me. I did what I assume most kids would do - look at it for a second, and toss it aside. CANDY!

  4. I live in a fairly religious, conservative area some would say, lots of Baptist churches, but the only person who would give us tracts was our elderly Presbyterian neighbor.

    Granted, she put lots of candy in a bag with the tract so it wasn't only that. Otherwise, I don't think we ever got religious stuff for ToT nor does Michael now.

    I know only a few families who think of Halloween as pagan so they won't let their children participate, but the rest of us were dressing up and going from house to house. My church never spoke against that. I'm sure the preacher's grandkids were out there ToT every year!

    There are all types of religious people. Some more strict than others. My parents always let us go out and enjoy the holiday as children would. They didn't make it into some big religious deal because, quite frankly, for MOST PEOPLE, it's not!

    And for those who do celebrate their religion on that day, have at it.

    For the rest of us - it's candy time!

  5. These people crack me up. In America, Halloween is about Candy and Costumes. I didn't even know till I was in my late teens that it even had any religious significance to the church. No one is worshiping evil just by Trick or Treating. Its rather silly. Lets just make a mountain out of a mole hill shall we?

    And with that I'm off to a Ninja's vs Pirates party. Team Ninja!

  6. Susanne,

    I don't think it's very wide spread, at least not right now. Most people, if they think about Halloween at all realize that it's just a fun night and there's nothing sinister and evil about it. But there's always that fringe...

  7. LK,

    They need something to make themselves relevant. That's my theory anyway.

    Also, I can never speak to you again. Ninjas? Bah. Pirates all the way.

  8. sanil,

    Really? I've never seen them for that cheap. Admittedly, I don't spend a whole lot (read: any) time in dollar stores. :D

    Okay. So it's not out of the realm of possibility. It's still a stupid idea that would get your house egged in these parts. Hell. *I'd* egg someones house for that and I don't trick or treat anymore.


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