Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I don't even know. It's 2:17 am here and I'm still up because I was writing something for someone. That's done, so I answered a few emails and now I'm going to bed.

I'm determined to get the whole Mere Christianity posts going again. Now that I'm off of vacation and have less time to do them - it would have made sense to do them last week when I was off, but that didn't happen. I did Florida things and when it was rainy I sat in the house and read Stephen King novels. And then I watched scary movies just to help freak myself out. Moving on...

Actually, I'm not moving on. That's it. Bed now.

Sleep is god. And in addition. I watched this show about ten people who went out to live like cave people for 10 day. Or maybe it was 11 people. Whatever. I want to do that! It needs to be like one of those retreats people go on. So I can go out and run around and see if I've got hunter/gatherer instincts left. and also so I can erase the shame of almost all of the women on the show being whiny lazy people who didn't help with the hard work. Like, three of them did work, after periods of asshatery. One even helped kill the elk. But two of them sat and did fuck all and whined because the freaking fish still had it's head on it and then she wouldn't eat the elk because it used to be alive and all. Whinebitchmoan.


  1. Hahaha...oh, you are funny! I'd love to see you on one of those shows. :)

  2. I would hunt the crap out of *everything*. I might not catch it all, but I'd damn well get in the dirt and hunt my freaking dinner! *beats on chest in cave-person manner*

  3. Oooh is this the iCaveman show which had Robb Wolf in it? I'd love to see it! Do you know if there's anywhere you can see it online for free?

  4. It was, and not that I know of. It was on the History channel and they sell their shows on dvd, so they don't release them on the net for free as far as I know.


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