Friday, September 30, 2011

SPN: Hello Cruel World

Sammy's losing his shit...

Also, once again, I adore Mark Pellegrino.

Miiiiiiiiissssssssshhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa...*pinches his cheeks*

I'm still afraid for Cas. FYI.

How're the Leviathan's going to keep Cas-Jimmy-vessel from exploding?

See, Michael and Lucifer were totally making happy fun times with Sam all the time.

Cas has the zombie shuffle going on. Oooohhh...water. Leviathan, water. Makes sense. Did they just leave Cas? Does that mean he's safe or dead? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

*glares at trenchcoat* NO.

Dean is weeping!

Um, no. That better not be it for Cas. I will find you!

Oh, look. Kids are Creepy trope.

I was totally going to write threesome fic while I watched, but that's not happening.

Why is Sam's hand still so hurt? Hasn't it been a couple of weeks since he cut it on the evil blood glass?

Oh, hey. Sam is talking about what's going on. That's new.

Bobby - I am not paid enough for this shit.

You know, the boys should just have tracking chips implanted and save themselves the trouble.

Heh. I am considering writing a 'paper' comparing Hendricks from the DF and Bobby from SPN. Only sane men in the room.

Teenage boys eating other teenage boys in the locker room. I'm not even going to have to touch that one.

'Annie knew where babies come from. Disgusting by the way.'

Oh. So they take over a doctor to feed them. Got it.

Huh. Shapeshifting creepy girl into a doctor. Interesting.

Not the good kind of orgy in the locker room.

Dear woman: stay in the freaking bed. Never follow the weird people down the hall. Never.

What does this woman think she's doing? Does she think she's some sort of hospital ninja?



Ack! Run away hospital ninja lady! Why on earth would you stop to take your purse?

Who is this lady? Really? SHERIFF MILLS! I didn't recognize her! That explains it!

I'm guessing that 'the Boss' is the head Leviathan that is still inside Cas.

Yes, let's leave the hallucinating guy alone with all sorts of weapons. This will end well.

This is a Dean hallucination.

Uhm...I'm shipping Bobby/Sheriff Mills. FYI.


Sam's hallucinations are pretty crazy alive and detailed. So Dean's a hallucination, how did they drive where they drove? Was Sam driving hallucinating being in the passenger seat?

'I am the only one who can legitimately kick your ass in real time.'

So Sam's going to base reality on Dean. Who doesn't always have such a firm grasp of it himself.

Did anyone else think that the 'blood' that welled up when Sam was squeezing so hard looked awful black?

*blink**STARE* WHAT?

PA3 commercial! Eh. I've seen that one. I was hoping it was the longer one. Whatever. I wants it.

Nope. Didn't think the car would work.

I am going to find those writers, and shake them until they give me the entire season.

Is Cas fucking dead or not?!?!

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  1. I'm uncomfortable with the fact that this episode sort of makes me want to ship Lucifer/Sam. :D Not in a real way, not like it takes place in the show's universe or even an AU because then I would feel so terrible for inflicting that on AU-Sammy, but maybe as some twisted nightmare Lucifer puts in Sammy's brain. Gah.

    I'm so proud of Sam for talking! I forgot to write about that in my own post. He's such a good boy, growing up so much. I just wanna hug him to pieces.

    Heh. I am considering writing a 'paper' comparing Hendricks from the DF and Bobby from SPN. Only sane men in the room.
    DO IT.

    Teenage boys eating other teenage boys in the locker room. I'm not even going to have to touch that one.
    ...Snerk. That actually did not even occur to me. How did I miss that?? :D

    Wait, did the girl shape-shift? I must have looked away for a second, I thought the leviathan took over the doctor and ate her. I like your way better. Barely.

    I'm thinking either you're right about the Boss being LeviathanCas, or about Sam bleeding black (which I think would make him the Boss). Probably not both. The blood did not look black to me, and I'm hoping that's not it. The first would be good.

    I did not know that was a Dean hallucination. Good job on that! And I'm kind of shipping Bobby/Mills too. I don't like it, but I am.

    My guess was that Sam was driving but hallucinating being in the passenger seat.

    I have had absolutely no interest in either of the first two PA movies. But the Bloody Mary scene in the preview won me over to this one. I might watch it. Maybe.

    Is Cas fucking dead or not?!?!
    Not. You hear me, writers? Not.


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